Funny you should mention "telling" [Tag: Garen]
Tue Sep 4, 2018 10:36


There were two voices.

She couldn’t really pay attention to the rest of Kit’s fumbling over words, her gaze fixed firmly, terrifiedly, on Darby. Two voices, speaking at once. Kit was insanely weird, but Darlene doubted that she had any sort of ability to somehow speak in harmony with herself. That was ridiculous, even for Kit.

That thing always seemed much too aware, she thought. The way it moved behind Kit, clicking its awful little fangs at her. Even if she hadn’t heard what she thought she heard, Darlene would have felt intimidated by the thing. How big were tarantulas even supposed to get? It just never seemed to stop growing, and now it was talking, and…

A light turned on in her head, a memory of something Professor Bennett had discussed in class, a creature that looked like a tarantula… but wasn’t. Darlene swallowed. “Well,” she began, a little louder than necessary as she tried to hear herself over the rushing blood of her heartbeat in her ears, “that’s all well and good, but I think that-”

Without even finishing the sentence, the brunette spun around on her heels and ran as fast as she could out of the room. She practically flew down the stairs, narrowly avoided a collision with Buckley Bradford, and did not slow down until she was in front of Mr. Tennant’s office door. Her tiny knuckles rapped furiously against the wood, and she prayed to anyone who would listen that he would believe what she had to tell him.

  • Your silence is telling - Katherine, Mon Sep 3 10:43
    “No,” Darby and Kit chorused. It was a classic mistake. If Darby had been paying attention when Kit watched anime, he would know that questions like that were just a trap! But clearly Darby hadn’t... more
    • Funny you should mention "telling" [Tag: Garen] - Darlene, Tue Sep 4 10:36
      • Showing might be more effective - HoH Garen Tennant, Sun Sep 9 09:00
        It had been such a quiet year that Garen was starting to worry. There had been no duels outside of dueling club, no fires outside of fireplaces, Drew hadn’t punched anyone, and Kit hadn’t caused any... more
        • But that means going back! - Darlene, Sat Sep 15 10:18
          The moment Mr. Tennant stopped talking, Darlene burst into tears and threw her arms around his middle. It was unbecoming of a young lady to be so emotional, but she couldn’t help it. Darlene was... more
          • It’s only dangerous to go alone - Garen, Sat Sep 15 11:47
            Garen Tennant liked his job. He liked doing career counseling for the upper years, and coordinating alumni newsletters and events, and helping students who needed emotional guidance. It was... more
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