HoH Garen Tennant
Showing might be more effective
Sun Sep 9, 2018 09:00

It had been such a quiet year that Garen was starting to worry. There had been no duels outside of dueling club, no fires outside of fireplaces, Drew hadn’t punched anyone, and Kit hadn’t caused any major Kitastrophes. The two students he had been most concerned about going into the year seemed on track: Dade was apparently attending his classes regularly, and Claudia’s biweekly sessions with Garen seemed to be helping her with her anxiety. As Garen had predicted, the absence of last term’s seventh years had led to unprecedented calm throughout the school, despite the addition of several first years whom Garen would categorize as “volatile.”

He would have been comfortable calling it an easy year if it weren’t for the fact that Madeleine was still angry with Aaron. Shifty Eyes had always been fond of her—as much as he was fond of any of the students, at least. It was ironic that Shifty had no problem ignoring Garen’s attempts at implementing order when he was so fond of Garen’s daughters Abby and Madeleine and granddaughter Marissa—but Garen hadn’t realized how much Madeleine had bonded with the poltergeist. Now Garen found himself having to broker peace between his husband and their daughter, a problem which had never occurred before: even before they remarried, Madeleine had always looked up to Aaron and been very securely attached to him. The change was jarring for all three of them, particularly Aaron, who was doing the whole coping-by-turning-into-a-border-collie-and-hiding-under-the-furniture bit that Garen found difficult to handle. It was trying, but still not worse than anything that had happened last year.

He therefore couldn’t help but feel, when he heard a frantic knocking at the door connecting his office to the Lyra Common Room, that they were overdue for something like this. As he crossed the room to answer the door, the counselor considered who might be knocking. Tycho, probably; Garen’s godson had a tendency to drop in on his office to talk about whatever had captured his attention for the moment, from exam scores to what he’d had for breakfast to funny-shaped bruises from Quidditch practice. Garen had attempted to explain that the Head of House door in the Lyra Commons was supposed to be for emergencies, but he had quickly given up on controlling any aspect of Tycho Leppit’s behavior. Like mother, like son.

His son’s girlfriend—and, probably more relevantly at this moment, his granddaughter’s roommate—was on the other side of the door. Darlene Knight seemed distressed and out of breath, and it was a small miracle that Garen managed not to preemptively ask her what Kit had done now. Kit was usually the reason Darlene needed to speak with him. “Hello, Miss Knight,” Garen said warmly, resigning himself to spending the next half hour or so trying to manage Kit’s behavior—an even more daunting prospect than reining Tycho in. “Are you all right? What can I do for you?”

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    • Showing might be more effective - HoH Garen Tennant, Sun Sep 9 09:00
      • But that means going back! - Darlene, Sat Sep 15 10:18
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        • It’s only dangerous to go alone - Garen, Sat Sep 15 11:47
          Garen Tennant liked his job. He liked doing career counseling for the upper years, and coordinating alumni newsletters and events, and helping students who needed emotional guidance. It was... more
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