Dardanius Dubois
Seeking Counsel with Emmett
Sat Apr 8, 2017 15:31

He’d been having a particularly unfocused evening. On any given day, Dardanius could procrastinate better than most, but this evening was proving to be particularly unproductive. He had attempted a History of Magic assignment, but he couldn’t concentrate in the commons - a hazard of being in Lyra, more than in Cetus or Draco, he was sure - so took his work up to his room, whereupon he remembered he hadn’t yet replied to his last letter from home. Danny wrote a couple of innocuous sentences before realising he didn’t have anything he actually wanted to say, so he tried the essay again. Having crossed out a section and re-written in twice already before striking through again, the fifth year decided to give up. It still felt too early to sleep, so he neatly tidied away his failed attempts at productivity and went to find Emmett.

The reasons for wanting to talk to Emmett and for being distracted were probably of the same origin, Danny considered as he knocked on his Housemate’s door. Not identical, obviously, because he didn’t think he really wanted to talk about his own personal life with anyone, but he was also concerned about other people’s personal lives, and that was where he felt the fourth year might have some contribution to offer. He might not be the most eloquent parrot in the pet store, but he would almost certainly have something to say on the matter of Holland and Ruben. It felt like there had just been so much going on this year at school, especially since midterm, it was dizzying to comprehend. “Emmett?” Danny called inquiringly.

At his friend’s invitation to enter, Danny crossed the threshold and closed the door behind him. “Hey.” The fifth year slipped his feet out of the comfy moccasin-style shoes he wore in his room and sometimes in the commonroom, and sat, uninvited, on Emmett’s bed. He had draped a dark blue velvet cloak over his shoulders when he’d retired to his own dormitory, which he now wrapped around himself, mostly concealing the royal blue polo and beige pants he had worn that day. “How goes?”

(OOC: godmodding of Emmett approved by his author).

    • He laid in the floor surrounded by an ocean of his failures, partially atop and partially beneath things like laundry and books, as if he’d been spinning around in circles and simply toppled over.... more
      • See you're speaking sense already - Dardanius , Wed Apr 12 16:13
        By now Danny was sufficiently accustomed to the state of Emmett’s room that he no longer felt the need to comment on it, but he could still be in awe at how a person could live and function in such a ... more
        • That could change any moment. - Emmett, Wed Apr 12 22:41
          Emmett sympathized with Danny’s lack of homework focus. Another few minutes and he might have actually fallen asleep in the floor beneath his textbook. Maybe there was just something in the air... more
          • Forewarned is forearmed - Danny, Thu Apr 13 08:30
            Without the wider context being verbally acknowledged, Emmett seemed to know the exact frame of reference for Danny’s question. He also seemed to harbour some reservations, which, Danny realised, he... more
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