But that means going back!
Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:18

The moment Mr. Tennant stopped talking, Darlene burst into tears and threw her arms around his middle.

It was unbecoming of a young lady to be so emotional, but she couldnít help it. Darlene was shaken - mentally and physically, as was easily observed - and in a moment of comparative safety with a trusted adult, her big feelings could not be contained by her tiny body. It was all just too much.

But the dignity of her upbringing soon remembered her, and she released Mr. Tennant and stepped away, the rest of the way into his office. ďI overheard Kit talking to her spider,Ē she said weakly, with the hint of a sniffle; the composure would have to accompany the dignity later. ďAnd it was talking back to her, and it said it wants to eat me! Mr. Tennant, I donít think thatís any normal spider!Ē

Darlene seated herself in the chair opposite Mr. Tennantís desk a bit more forcefully than intended, her knees buckling underneath her at the slightest hint of the intention to bend. ďI donít even know what to do anymore,Ē she confided, looking up at him with big blue eyes, then pulling her gaze as she lowered her head to swipe away the tears resting on her pale cheeks. ďIím just really scared.Ē

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    • But that means going back! - Darlene, Sat Sep 15 10:18
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