It’s only dangerous to go alone
Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:47

Garen Tennant liked his job. He liked doing career counseling for the upper years, and coordinating alumni newsletters and events, and helping students who needed emotional guidance. It was fulfilling. And he had been at RMI long enough that his was, essentially, a tenured position. Between his primary job, the Lyra Head of House post, running the Drama Club, and his staff seniority, the school paid him very well.

Yet he couldn’t help but feel, as a sobbing Darlene Knight released him and began telling him that his granddaughter’s pet tarantula could talk, that whatever was going on was far above his pay grade.

It was no secret to anyone in the school that Darlene loathed her roommate’s pet, but Garen couldn’t see any reason the third-year would lie to him about something like this. Darlene seemed smart enough to know that the staff could easily check to see whether this was true. So. Darby could talk. Garen had thought that after last year there was very little that could surprise him anymore, but he had been wrong, because Darby could talk. Darby, Garen’s granddaughter’s abnormally intelligent arachnid, who at times seemed capable of understanding human speech, could also talk.

“Okay. It’s all gonna be okay,” Garen promised Darlene. The guidance counselor had a very reassuring voice, and he took full advantage of that now, even as he Summoned a box of tissues to offer to Darlene. It was all going to be okay—for Darlene, at least. Garen was sure that Kit would disagree with that assessment. If Darby was really an acromantula, he couldn’t stay at RMI. In addition to how large the creatures could grow, even ones who were as bonded to a human as Darby was to Kit were only loyal to that particular human. Kit’s limited impulse control made her an especially poor candidate for being in charge of a massive carnivorous arthropod. This is what happens when people are allowed to have pets other that cats, owls, rats, and toads, Garen thought. Even his internal narrative sounded resigned. How was he going to break the news to Kit? She’d be devastated.

Maybe Garen didn’t have to be the one to tell her. After all, RMI had a resident creature expert, who at best could explain to Kit why the school environment wasn’t the best place for Darby, and at worse could take the majority of her blame. He turned to his desk to write a brief note to Arthur, which folded itself into a paper airplane and then zoomed through the door in the direction of the magizoobotany professor’s office. “I’m going to have Professor Bennett come and take a look,” Garen told Darlene. “If you’re right, and Darby isn’t a normal tarantula, then he’ll let us know what to do. We are definitely not going to let Darby eat you.”

  • But that means going back! - Darlene, Sat Sep 15 10:18
    The moment Mr. Tennant stopped talking, Darlene burst into tears and threw her arms around his middle. It was unbecoming of a young lady to be so emotional, but she couldn’t help it. Darlene was... more
    • It’s only dangerous to go alone - Garen, Sat Sep 15 11:47
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