Darlene Knight
The S-Word [Kit]
Sat Sep 22, 2018 08:27

On December 30th, Darlene woke up crying.

She’d had a nightmare wherein something dreadful had happened at school. Polly had bit Kit (not necessarily the most horrible) and they were going to take Darlene’s cat away. That was simply an unbearable concept. It had been her sister’s cat, and it was really all she had of her. She loved that multicolor feline with her whole heart.

Sitting upright in bed,she wiped away the lingering tears, and an uncomfortable thought struck her: was this how Kit felt? The whole Darby thing was ridiculous, and Darlene was in the right to get the spider removed since it was an acromantula, but… well, it was Kit’s acromantula. In her weird Kit way, she had loved that thing. Maybe Darlene’s heart was just too full after everything the day before, but she felt a pang of guilt, and she decided right then that she would make it up to Kit.

On the first day back to RMI after break, Darlene observed her. She’d been somewhat hoping that maybe Kit would just be back to normal instead of being the inconsolable mess Darlene had ignored or maybe quietly laughed at, but she wasn’t. So on the second day, Darlene acted.

She took a trip up to Pearl Street and went to the pet store. A lot of the creatures there repulsed or delighted her to varying degrees, but in the end, she chose her course of action. Darlene made her purchase and headed laboriously back to their room where, to her good fortune, Kit was not. Darlene set up, and then she a waited. It wasn’t long before the door opened.

When Kit came in, there was a glass enclosure sitting on her bed, just against the mountain of pillows. Darlene was standing nearby. “Hi,” she said nervously, offering an awkward little wave that was slightly delayed from her greeting. “So. Um. This is Brewster.” She gestured to the cage, or more specifically, to the lizard within it. “The woman at the store said he’s a bearded dragon. He’s not gonna turn into a real dragon, I checked,” Darlene added quickly, half laughing.

She paused, swallowing. “I don’t really like lizards,” the brunette admitted. “I thought maybe that might be part of the appeal to you. But I’m at least less scared of them, so I thought if you wanted, I could help you take care of him some. If you don’t want that, though, I understand. I just thought…. well, I felt….” Darlene looked Kit in the eyes. “I’m sorry. About everything.”

    • S...pontaneous combustion? - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Sep 22 10:22
      It had been weeks at this point, but Kit still wasn’t over Darby being taken away. Drew clearly loved Darlene more than Kit, because he was still dating the absolute monster who had made Kit’s life... more
      • That too, probably. - Darlene, Sun Sep 23 08:29
        “I love him.” Darlene hadn’t realized she was holding her breath, but only now did she manage to find it. The air was, however, a bit squeezed out of her when Kit suddenly hugged her; for a moment... more
        • Never too late - Kit, Wed Oct 3 07:22
          Baby Brewey was so distracting that Kit didn’t even notice Darlene’s cat show up curiously. Kit didn’t mind Darlene’s cat. She had seriously considered kidnapping that cat and holding her hostage... more
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