Katherine Kendrick
S...pontaneous combustion?
Sat Sep 22, 2018 10:22

It had been weeks at this point, but Kit still wasn’t over Darby being taken away. Drew clearly loved Darlene more than Kit, because he was still dating the absolute monster who had made Kit’s life so utterly terrible. It wasn’t really Grandpa Garen’s fault because it made sense that he couldn’t really have students getting eaten during the school year (even if Darlene would totally have deserved it) and because Darlene was such a stupid diva she hadn’t understood that Darby was joking about eating her. So despite how much Kit had tried to explain that Darby was just kidding and he wouldn’t actually eat Darlene, Grandpa Garen and Professor Bennett had explained to her that Darby had to go away. Aunt Jessie had a friend who ran an animal sanctuary where tarantulas like Darby could go to live happily ever after and she said that she would even make sure that Darby sent Kit letters sometimes but it just wasn’t the same.

Somehow being back at school was worse than being at home. It was probably because no matter how much Kit had begged Grandpa Garen over the break, he wouldn’t let her change rooms to not live with the demon queen who had stolen her best friend. It was terrible, and Kit spent the entire first day back very, very sad. She had stayed listlessly in bed for far longer than she usually did, and then had oozed sadly to the library where she’d stared sadly at a book. Nothing she did would ever make her happy again. Not even the Christmas presents she received could make her happy. Remy had even given her a Darby bow for her hair which was amazing but also made her cry a lot. Everything was terrible.

Kit had spent her morning being absolutely devastated on the Quidditch Pitch, not even managing to work up an appropriate amount of rage at Darlene to hit a few Bludgers at her (imaginary) face. If only Drew hadn’t chosen Darlene over Kit. If only Darlene hadn’t made sure Darby got kidnapped away from his happy, warm, tarantula home. Things could be so much better. But now everything was terrible forever, and Kit sadly wandered back to her dorm, planning to lie on her bed and stare miserably at the ceiling.

To her surprise, though, Darlene was waiting for her. It seemed like Darlene had been avoiding Kit for - well, since Darlene had so rudely attacked Darby. But here she was, with - Kit blinked. Was that a lizard? And all of a sudden, Darlene wasn’t being the most terrible awful person on the face of the planet in the entire universe. It wasn’t the same as Darby, but Darlene had gotten Kit a new friend and Kit loved him already. His name was Brewster and Darlene was maybe even going to help her take care of him sometimes. Maybe - maybe - maybe Darlene and Kit were going to be best friends forever just like Rose and Marissa after all. Maybe Brewster (or Brewey, as Kit had already nicknamed him) would help everything be more okay. Obviously Kit still loved Darby, but maybe Darlene didn’t totally deserve to be eaten.

“I love him,” Kit squealed, running forward and hugging Darlene enthusiastically before opening up the cage Brewey had come in and scooping him up. He was so teeny-tiny and his tail was just as long as the rest of him and he was so adorable. The little lizard sat in the palm of her hand. Kit was going to die of cuteness. “And it’s probably good he won’t turn into a real dragon, I asked Grandpa Garen if I could have one and he said no even though Aunt Jessie said yes.”

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    • S...pontaneous combustion? - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Sep 22 10:22
      • That too, probably. - Darlene, Sun Sep 23 08:29
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          Baby Brewey was so distracting that Kit didn’t even notice Darlene’s cat show up curiously. Kit didn’t mind Darlene’s cat. She had seriously considered kidnapping that cat and holding her hostage... more
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