That too, probably.
Sun Sep 23, 2018 08:29

“I love him.”

Darlene hadn’t realized she was holding her breath, but only now did she manage to find it. The air was, however, a bit squeezed out of her when Kit suddenly hugged her; for a moment she stood, paralyzed by the turn of events, but she had a smile on her face, and her arms were beginning to rise behind Kit’s back when the other girl broke away to examine her - their? - new friend.

She watched with a continued grin as Kit lifted Brewster from his cage, hoisting him happily in the palm of her hand. “Adults are no fun,” she joked lightly, although she definitely agreed with Mr. Tennant’s assessment. A real dragon was probably a bad plan, only slightly better or worse than an acromantula just based on one’s position. A dragon would probably eat them and destroy things indiscriminately, so for most people it might have been a worse deal. But Darby was specifically after Darlene, so maybe at least with a dragon’s random violence, she would have hypothetically stood a chance. Poor odds for her either way though, really.

Glancing down, she noticed Polly coming over to investigate the situation, her multi-colored head up in the air as she got the scent of the lizard from beneath Kit’s feat. “Polly won’t hurt him,” she reassured quickly. “She’s just decided now to be curious. She’s too old to want to bat him around.” The iridescent kitty had been her sister’s, so she was getting up there in years. The brunette knew for a fact that Polyhymnia was too mellow because (despite Darlene’s efforts) she had never done anything to Darby when he was small enough to beat up.

Darlene watched her cat rub against Kit’s legs with moderate interest, getting distracted in thoughts of Polly’s origins. She was all Darlene had of the older sister she didn’t know. And she wanted to know about her, about Amelia Rose. She was wrong of course, but she wanted to know. She just didn’t know what she wanted to know. But she pushed that thought away for now, trying instead to focus on Kit and making this work.

  • S...pontaneous combustion? - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Sep 22 10:22
    It had been weeks at this point, but Kit still wasn’t over Darby being taken away. Drew clearly loved Darlene more than Kit, because he was still dating the absolute monster who had made Kit’s life... more
    • That too, probably. - Darlene, Sun Sep 23 08:29
      • Never too late - Kit, Wed Oct 3 07:22
        Baby Brewey was so distracting that Kit didn’t even notice Darlene’s cat show up curiously. Kit didn’t mind Darlene’s cat. She had seriously considered kidnapping that cat and holding her hostage... more
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