Never too late
Wed Oct 3, 2018 07:22

Baby Brewey was so distracting that Kit didn’t even notice Darlene’s cat show up curiously. Kit didn’t mind Darlene’s cat. She had seriously considered kidnapping that cat and holding her hostage after Darby had been taken away forever just to make the point that sometimes your roommate was terrible and awful and took away your best friend, but had decided not to because Poly was old and probably didn’t want to be kidnapped. Now, Kit was glad that she hadn’t tried to kidnap the cat because then Darlene might have gotten mad and then she wouldn’t have Brewey! Instead, the redhead had put frozen mice under Darlene’s pillow, but even though she’d tried to explain they were a treat for Poly (they weren’t), Kit had gotten detention anyway.

But now that Kit had Brewey, everything was going to be okay. She could still write Darby and be best friends with him, but maybe he would meet a nice girl tarantula where he was living now, and they would have a bunch of tarantula babies for Kit to go and visit! In the meantime, she would still have an awesome sidekick, just one that was smaller and made fewer funny jokes about eating Darlene

“Be a good cat, Poly,” Kit said warningly as the animal rubbed against her legs. She wasn’t the biggest fan of things with too much fur, like cats, but they were okay sometimes. “Brewey won’t eat you but he might set you on fire.” She actually wasn’t sure if bearded dragons could set people (or cats) on fire, but that might be a good thing to find out. Kit wasn’t sure if she had a specific person that she wanted set on fire right at that very moment, but - ooh, Elliot. Well, Aunt Lia would probably be mad if she set Elliot on fire but maybe if she could teach Brewey to just breathe a little bit of fire at the bratty little first-year whenever he said a bad word, that would teach him to not say bad words until he was old enough to do that.

“Have you always had a kitty?” the question was curious. Kit had never always had a pet because - well, she actually wasn’t really sure why. She had asked for all kinds of pets when she was little (dragons, thestrals, dragons, fwoopers, dragons…) but for some reason she had just never gotten one. It seemed like Mom and Dad hadn’t been too happy when Marissa got her Darby, either. Maybe they just weren’t the sort of people who liked animals? That seemed weird though because all the best people liked animals and Kit was 110% that Mom and Dad were like the best people ever, except Marissa obviously. “I didn’t have a pet until Marissa gave me Darby.”

  • That too, probably. - Darlene, Sun Sep 23 08:29
    “I love him.” Darlene hadn’t realized she was holding her breath, but only now did she manage to find it. The air was, however, a bit squeezed out of her when Kit suddenly hugged her; for a moment... more
    • Never too late - Kit, Wed Oct 3 07:22
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