Norah Nilssen
Up to nothing [Marley]
Sun Oct 14, 2018 16:26

Blue eyes blinked sleepily as the pages of the book Norah was trying to read blurred in and out. She shifted in the chair that was much too big for her, and most likely the thing that was lulling her to sleep as she tried to read through one of the books she’d gotten from the library. It was a nice evening, not to late but late enough that she certainly wasn’t going to be doing any studying for the near future. Her feet dangled just slightly over the edge of the large comfy chair and the blonde almost sank into and couldn’t get up the first time she’d gotten in one. It was the Nilssen curse to be smaller for most of their lives, although Brynjolf seemed to get the lucky end of things. He was definitely getting bigger and that irritated the smaller Nord. She didn’t like it at all but it wasn’t like she could say anything about it. Mama had told her to be as nice as she could to Brynjolf once they were back at school and she was trying.

She still had the urge to sass him every now and then, but he had that sad droop to his shoulders that still hadn’t gone away. So, Norah bit her tongue and that was tiring too. Classes were going well for her and in between studying she’d found that being in the Common Room to read was one of her favorite pastimes. Other places had a lot of other people that did a lot of loud things. Nora wasn’t particularly fond of trying to find quiet places to be so she spent time in her room, the lecture hall, or the common room. This time of night was especially nice because no one really bothered her. Not that anyone would bother a first year anyway.

She was one of the four Lyra first years and she didn’t really spend time with them or her classmates. It was a lot harder to make friends than she had thought it would be, a thing that often brought a frown to her thin features. She had half a mind to ask Brynjolf how he made friends, but she wasn’t really sure that he actually had friends. She hadn’t seen him hanging around with anyone and she’d been tailing him pretty frequently as of late. It wasn’t that she was spying on him, but she just wanted to make sure he was okay because he was so different. Okay, well not that different, but he acted less like him sometimes and Norah didn’t like it.

The Lyra sighed, eyes scanning over the same line in her book before she realized she’d gotten to the bottom of the page without understanding anything that had happened in the previous lines. Maybe it was time to take a break from reading. The girl frowned again, moving to the edge of her chair to rummage around in her bag for a bookmark. The darn thing always wiggled its way in between other book sand pages and half the time she wound up folding a corner in her book which was something she did not like to do. She gave a delighted exclaim upon finding the item, before remembering where she was. There weren’t many other people in the room, but she cast an apologetic glance towards the nearest occupant who was looking at her. “Sorry,” she said softly, flushing red with slight embarrassment. She really needed to work on the whole acting like a lady thing. “I couldn’t find my bookmark and then I found it easy and I just got excited.”

    • That's a good night-time activity - Marley Chapman, Sun Oct 14 17:35
      "Oof." Untangling her bookbag from her shoulder with a grunt, she let the heavy bag thud quietly beside her feet, the sound of too many textbooks muffled by a thick knit cardigan balled up on top.... more
      • Norah let out a small sigh of relief as the other Lyra reassured her. She hated disturbing people, like that one day with Nolan in the library when she had practically yelled in a place where she was ... more
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