Marley Chapman
That's a good night-time activity
Sun Oct 14, 2018 17:35

"Oof." Untangling her bookbag from her shoulder with a grunt, she let the heavy bag thud quietly beside her feet, the sound of too many textbooks muffled by a thick knit cardigan balled up on top. This was immediately followed by a sigh of relief and a second quiet thud as the dark-skinned girl flopped backwards into the squishy plush chair. As Lyra Prefect, she normally tried to seem a little more professional and stuff when she was in the commons, but Marley was totally exhausted. Exhausted with a capital X. (E would be more correct, but X sounded more appropriate, so for the purposes of her internal monologue she was just gonna stick with that, m'kay.)

From the musical to Quidditch to her new Healing practical class, today had been full of literally every committment possible, and she didn't think she'd had a chance to sit down and actually be sitting - like, in a restful way - since she got out of bed that morning. Breakfast might have counted as restful sitting, except Mister Sprockets had missed her shoulder and instead crash-landed in the middle of Roger's omelette, spraying eggs all over, which his sister had decided was a great opportunity to throw her jam-and-toast at Buckley further down the table, leading him into a rant that was half complaining and half insulting Camilla, and luckily cut short by Roger sighing and pointing a cleaning charm at the brunette's sweater-vest. Marley had still been picking bits of egg out of her hair by the time she was pacing the halls to her second class of the day. And she still hadn't even gotten the chance to read her letter!

Maybe she should do that now? Except moving from this chair to dig through her overstuffed bookbag for yet another time was, like, one of the least appealing things she could do right now, so instead she wiggled into a comfier position, folding her arms behind her head to cushion her thick almost-'fro, and let her eyes wander over the mural on the wall. Supposedly it had been painted years and years ago, although she suspected some of the alumni added to it before they graduated. Whenever she looked it over, there always seemed to be little things she'd never seen before.

Marley didn't realize she'd zoned out until there was a sudden, loudish squeak from nearby and she zoned in uhhh startled. That was a word. Glancing around, she made eye contact with Bryn's little sister, who was quickly acting as the guilty party. "It's okay, Norah, you don't have to apologize!" She directed an encouraging, if tired, grin at the younger Lyra. "Really, if I didn't wanna be disturbed, I'd go up to my room. If you see me in the commons, I'm here for company... even if I don't look it right now," she acknowledged with a wider grin that turned into a yawn, eyes screwing up automatically with the motion. Oops. Hiding the yawn behind her hand, and blinking off the last traces of it, it was her turn to apologize. "Sorry, it's been a long day. When's the weekend?" The rhetorical qusetion was paired with an eyeroll before she changed the topic. "So, what're you reading? Anything fun?"

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    Blue eyes blinked sleepily as the pages of the book Norah was trying to read blurred in and out. She shifted in the chair that was much too big for her, and most likely the thing that was lulling her ... more
    • That's a good night-time activity - Marley Chapman, Sun Oct 14 17:35
      • Norah let out a small sigh of relief as the other Lyra reassured her. She hated disturbing people, like that one day with Nolan in the library when she had practically yelled in a place where she was ... more
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