Night-time is the best time for anything!
Tue Dec 18, 2018 21:47

Norah let out a small sigh of relief as the other Lyra reassured her. She hated disturbing people, like that one day with Nolan in the library when she had practically yelled in a place where she was supposed to be quiet. It was something that Mama said was supposed to be ladylike but Norah didn’t always feel very ladylike. In fact, she felt quite the opposite most of the time and that made her feel bad. Why couldn’t she just do the things that other girls did without trying? It was silly and unfair and the girl didn’t like it at all. She tried her best, but it always seemed like she couldn’t get it right. That’s why she bothered Brynjolf as much as she did, because in comparison to him, she was proper. That was how she needed to be, right?

Of course, any kind of proper lady wouldn’t have made such a bother about finding a bookmark. She sighed and tucked in the pages of the book she’d been reading as Marley spoke. Norah was still relieved that she hadn’t really been a nuisance towards Marley because so far, Marley had always been nice to her. At first, she’d been a bit apprehensive of the prefect, but for some reason it wasn’t as bad as with the other people who were in charge. Maybe it was cause Brynjolf always used to talk about her a lot. It was one of the things that Norah had teased him about once upon a time because he’d get kinda goofy. Sometimes his ears still turned pink at the table they sat at in the Finer Diner if she mentioned the older Lyra.

“Oh,” Norah said, glancing down to her book at the question. It was a muggle book, or at least she thought so, but it was just so much fun that she didn’t want to put it down. “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.” The blonde read it straight off the cover, looking at the smooth surface of it. She had read the book before it and the one after, but hadn’t gotten that much further in it. She had read this particular part once or twice before, but the things in it were so fun that she just didn’t want to forget about it to read the whole story. “They made a muggle movie off it, with pretty music. Brynjolf said you like music, but I can’t remember what kind. You’d probably like it though even if it is just instruments.”

She could remember that perfectly because her older brother hadn’t shut up about how smart and cool she was over a spring holiday. He talked a lot about how they were friends and how he was glad that he’d met someone as nice as Marley the second time he went to school. It made it so that Norah felt a little better talking to the other girl (although if Brynjolf ever heard that something he’d said made her feel better she would tell him it wasn’t true). The Lyra couldn’t remember the last time that he’d talked about her though, maybe in a year or a while like that. She frowned visibly. “You and my brother are still friends, right?” she questioned, looking up from the book to the girl across the room. “He doesn’t really talk about you like I remember him doing before.”

  • That's a good night-time activity - Marley Chapman, Sun Oct 14 17:35
    "Oof." Untangling her bookbag from her shoulder with a grunt, she let the heavy bag thud quietly beside her feet, the sound of too many textbooks muffled by a thick knit cardigan balled up on top.... more
    • Night-time is the best time for anything! - Norah, Tue Dec 18 21:47
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