See you're speaking sense already
Wed Apr 12, 2017 16:13

By now Danny was sufficiently accustomed to the state of Emmett’s room that he no longer felt the need to comment on it, but he could still be in awe at how a person could live and function in such a mess. He was slightly more tempted to voice his continuing concerns about the state of Emmett’s self respect, but perhaps they would come to that later. “Having an unproductive evening,” he summarised his reply. “Tried to do my History of Magic essay in the commons, but on reflection I think the library would be better suited,” Danny muttered as he plucked a stray thread from his cloak. “My mind wasn't on homework,” he added, as he looked at Emmett sitting on the floor. Why was he sitting on the floor?

“Have you talked to Ruben much?” Danny asked without preamble, deciding diplomacy was the best course of action. For his part, the fifth year had barely conversed with the most recent addition to his yeargroup beyond an initial and basic introduction. The scant knowledge he had amassed about Ruben came from observation; the most notable instance occurred in duelling club. Having witnessed their duel, Danny had been forced to conclude that while creative, Ruben and Rose both were a special kind of crazy. Of course that hadn't done anything to alter Rose’s physical form or Danny’s appreciation of it, so he guessed he could understand how Holland might be drawn to Ruben’s aesthetics (something about hair had definitely been mentioned) regardless of his sanity.

But therein lay the crux of the problem. Danny was protective over Holland, and he didn't know enough about Ruben to be okay with them maybe spending lots of alone time together. However he did know enough about Holland that speaking these thoughts aloud wouldn't be the best idea in the world. He didn't know whether he was hoping Emmett was acquainted with Ruben and fine with the scenario, which would at least be reassuring, or just that some other solution would present itself, but either way he felt the need to discuss the scenario with someone who might understand his perspective; nobody was more protective over Holland than Emmett.

  • He laid in the floor surrounded by an ocean of his failures, partially atop and partially beneath things like laundry and books, as if he’d been spinning around in circles and simply toppled over.... more
    • See you're speaking sense already - Dardanius , Wed Apr 12 16:13
      • That could change any moment. - Emmett, Wed Apr 12 22:41
        Emmett sympathized with Danny’s lack of homework focus. Another few minutes and he might have actually fallen asleep in the floor beneath his textbook. Maybe there was just something in the air... more
        • Forewarned is forearmed - Danny, Thu Apr 13 08:30
          Without the wider context being verbally acknowledged, Emmett seemed to know the exact frame of reference for Danny’s question. He also seemed to harbour some reservations, which, Danny realised, he... more
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