That could change any moment.
Wed Apr 12, 2017 22:41

Emmett sympathized with Danny’s lack of homework focus. Another few minutes and he might have actually fallen asleep in the floor beneath his textbook. Maybe there was just something in the air tonight - metaphorically, of course. Emmett avoided a lot of cliches like that for fear of igniting a new conspiracy theory in Holland, or else reminding them of an old one they already knew. He did like listening to their ideas, and some of their theories were pretty convincing (and also he was fairly gullible), but bringing them up in inopportune situations could be troublesome.

“Have you talked to Ruben much?” Emmett let out an incomplete chuckle. It didn’t take a genius to connect the question and the statement that preceded it, the fact that Danny couldn’t get his mind on homework. The older boy was worried about Holland too. That was both good and bad: good because it made the fourth year feel more justified in his worry, but bad because maybe his worry was justified.

“No, I haven’t,” Emmett answered. “And isn’t that in and of itself… I don’t know, disconcerting somehow?” He sat up the rest of the way, his spine prickled with mutual protectiveness. Holland was special and deserved somebody nice and cool, and also ideally someone who Emmett didn’t hate on principle. (The irony of the contradictions there, being that basically anyone outside of their friendgroup would be someone he hated on principle, was lost on him.) They were his best friend. He wanted them to be happy, but he also wanted them to pick somebody who was less…. intimidating.

“I don’t know, man,” he said again. “Are you getting any sort of vibes from him? Because I don’t think I like him.” The younger boy shifted slightly, pulling his legs up beneath him to sit criss-crossed. It was hard to have a serious conversation sprawled out on the floor as he had been.

  • See you're speaking sense already - Dardanius , Wed Apr 12 16:13
    By now Danny was sufficiently accustomed to the state of Emmett’s room that he no longer felt the need to comment on it, but he could still be in awe at how a person could live and function in such a ... more
    • That could change any moment. - Emmett, Wed Apr 12 22:41
      • Forewarned is forearmed - Danny, Thu Apr 13 08:30
        Without the wider context being verbally acknowledged, Emmett seemed to know the exact frame of reference for Danny’s question. He also seemed to harbour some reservations, which, Danny realised, he... more
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