Forewarned is forearmed
Thu Apr 13, 2017 08:30

Without the wider context being verbally acknowledged, Emmett seemed to know the exact frame of reference for Danny’s question. He also seemed to harbour some reservations, which, Danny realised, he had been expecting. It was comforting to know that Holland had friends in a plural capacity that shared concern for their wellbeing, but if the concern was misplaced then at least Danny wasn’t the only one making a fuss over nothing. Maybe it was disconcerting that neither of them knew much about the fifth year transfer, as Emmett suggested, but then if neither of them had made the effort to become acquainted then perhaps that was a reflection on Danny and Emmett, rather than on Ruben, who was obviously making other friends in their circle. Dardanius shrugged in response, not being sure whether the question demanded an answer or was more hypothetical.

Emmett transitioned quite quickly, Danny thought, from claiming unfamiliarity with Ruben to professing a dislike for him. “I honestly don’t know,” he replied to the question that was more obviously posed as such. Truthfully he wasn’t sure he had ever met anyone quite like Ruben, but then the same had definitely been true about most of his current closest friends upon meeting them. “The only vibes I’m getting are that he has an interesting approach to duelling and he wears a lot of black.” Which were less vibes than objective observations. He sighed and tried to rally a voice of reason to combat their probably unfounded pessimism.

“Obviously Holland likes him,” Danny said, “or thinks he’s worth getting to know, I guess.” The amendment allowed for the possibility that Holland’s own opinions were still in formation and could yet be swayed in either direction.

Part of the conundrum, Danny reflected, was that this hadn’t really happened to their friendship group before, that one of them had started to become in any way involved with someone unfamiliar. Most had been in some sort of relationship or other over the past year or two, but only with known variables. Ruben was a leather-wearing, rock-punching question mark.

“Was there something in particular that made you dislike him?” Danny asked, trying to draw knowledge from any interactions Emmett might have witnessed. If there was something tangible and logical they could maybe express their concerns to Holland, but if they were just being cautious purely on ignorance of Ruben’s character, then the rational next step would be to get to know Ruben better. Danny usually considered himself to be a friendly, approachable person, so it shouldn’t be hard for him to make extra effort with his yearmate.

  • That could change any moment. - Emmett, Wed Apr 12 22:41
    Emmett sympathized with Danny’s lack of homework focus. Another few minutes and he might have actually fallen asleep in the floor beneath his textbook. Maybe there was just something in the air... more
    • Forewarned is forearmed - Danny, Thu Apr 13 08:30
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