HoH Garen Tennant
Head of House speech, T26
Thu Jul 6, 2017 03:16

The seafoam green carpeting and dark brown wooden wall paneling reflected the colors of Lyra House. Opposite the entryway was an expansive mural, centered over a large fireplace. The mural’s painter had been a former student, although their signature in the bottom right corner was illegible and no one on staff had been around long enough to know the artist personally.

The fireplace and its mural was framed by two windows. The seafoam green curtains were drawn back to reveal the scene of a gray-green pond with late afternoon sunlight shimmering brilliantly off the surface of the water. This was of course an illusion, the school being underground and the hour being late, but Garen liked the view nonetheless. It helped the new students feel less claustrophobic as they adjusted to living underground.

Doors on the left and right walls of the Lyra Common Room led to a long hallway that wrapped around the far end of the room. Several soundproof booths, art studios, and photography darkrooms—available to the students at all hours of the day—budded off from the hallway. Lyra being the “artsy” House, the director did like to see his students express themselves creatively, and the studios enjoyed a good deal of use throughout term. The grand piano, which stood in the far left corner of the Commons, was also available to students who wished to practice.

Multicolored paper lanterns hung from the ceiling, giving the room a cozy feeling and illuminating the couches and chairs grouped tastefully throughout the room. In the lanternlight, the students could see the music for “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’,” which was tacked to the bulletin board on the left of the door they had just entered through. The sheet music was the only thing hanging on the board for now, although any blank space would soon be taken up by the Quidditch sign-up sheet and flyers for other clubs.

When the students were situated, Garen began his familiar speech. “So! Like I said in the Diner, my name is Garen Tennant. I’m the counselor, so I’m here to help if you want to talk about grades, classes, jobs, family, or anything else that might be troubling you. I’ve been at RMI for,” ever, “longer than any of you have been alive. I was the Deputy Headmaster for nine years, in addition to the titles I currently hold. If there’s anything else you need to know about me, you’re welcome to ask after the speech.”

On to the mandatory topics. Garen indicated the staircases on either side of the entry passage. “The staircase on your left leads to the girls’ dorms. The staircase on the right leads to the boys’. If you try to go into the dorm of the opposite sex, you get an immediate vacation to Headmaster Bonilla’s office, with a bonus trip to detention. I really don’t recommend trying it.” He glanced at Kit, who he suspected might try it anyway just for fun. All it would take is someone vaguely suggesting the idea to her.

“Oh—and if your rooming arrangements aren’t consistent with your gender identity, don’t hesitate to let me know. We’ll get everything sorted out.” Both students to whom this had ever applied had settled their housing arrangements before coming to RMI, and the building itself had a good chance of adapting without staff input, but Garen wanted to make sure the first-years knew they had options if their circumstances changed.

Garen gave a brief overview of RMI’s various clubs, including the Drama Club (which was putting on a talent show this year), the Quidditch program, and the school newspaper, Rocky Voices. The policy on Muggle appliances was the same as always, and he told it to the students quickly: such devices didn’t work in a magical environment, but they could be enchanted by any member of the staff to be compatible with magic. Garen specialized in adapting cameras, battery-powered tuners, and electric musical instruments. He was fairly sure that he could do more complicated things like digital watches or alarm clocks, but no one had ever asked him. Aaron and Lorraine Taylor, as the Spellwork and Magical Sciences professors, were the best at enchanting things.

“So that’s about it for our tour. Do your best at schoolwork, ask for help if you need it, first-year curfew is at ten, try not to flagrantly break rules—” as a father of two and relative of the Kendrick girls, he realized there was no point in telling children not to break rules at all—“and we won’t have any problems, promise. If you have questions, you can ask me.

“That’s about all I have to say. I’ll stay around here for a few minutes to answer your questions, but if you want to find me some other time, I’m usually in my office in the Administrative Quarters or in the theater.” Students rarely had questions, but Garen was in no rush to get back to the Tennant-McKindy suite. It would be strange to not have Drew there for the first time since Garen had returned to the school. “Welcome to RMI!”

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