Satveer (Sam) Mittal
SM - T26 - E05 - Common Room Tango
Sun Jul 9, 2017 15:02

As Satveer followed the lyra’s from the diner, he was silent. Satveer was excited and had plenty to say but there was too much to take in. Besides, he was sure anything he did say would sound out like squeaks and whistles.

As they approached a seemingly unassuming wall with two paintings closely hung Counsellor Tennant sang Oh what a beautiful morning. The gap between the paintings opened and he walked down the passage, Satveer considered the song. He knew both the song and the next line, but he couldn’t place it. He assumed it had to be from an American musical. RMI was definitely presenting itself an international school, but even so, going to be a British musical. Satveer’s limited knowledge of musicals meant Chicago was the only American musical he knew of, and he was sure it wasn’t that.

Standing there, in the Lyra common room, wearing black shoes, grey trousers, a fitted white shirt, a black patka and grey school robes, Satveer looked somewhat out of place. Especially when you considered some of his house mates in their brightly coloured attire, and then panned back the room itself. This, However, couldn’t be farther from the truth. Satveer was an avid sketcher and a creative soul through and through. He spent every second drawing, reading Goran The Great or thinking about it. He could express himself and connect with people through his art in a way he didn’t seem to get across with words.

It seemed, much to Satveer’s annoyance, that his father was right. This was the house for him!

As Counsellor Tennant carried on with the introductions and explaining his role within the school, Satveer was mostly admiring the room and the pond, with half an ear out on what was being said. It was the first time he’d ever really thought about pairing a pond with paper lanterns and sofas. Only when Satveer caught Counsellor Tennant directing the prospect of punishment and dorm rooms to the red headed girl did he snap back into full listening mode. Counsellor Tennant’s mannerisms led Satveer to believe that Counsellor Tennant knew her. His none verbal communication said they were connected, like he definitely an uncle or potentially closer family member or something. Satveer knew what it was like to be taught by your family. His mother had taught him and his siblings all his life, but he couldn’t imagine what it would be like when your family taught you and your friends together. Would she get preferential treatment? Satveer was almost certain of one thing, it may mean she’s not so bouncy in class.

No sooner had Counsellor Tennant finished telepathically warning the red headed girl, he started on the subject of dorm room arrangements and gender identity. Whilst he had been bought up to be welcoming and accepting of all people and creeds, this was the first time Satveer had ever encountered the concept of gender identity. The topic itself didn’t bother him, but he couldn’t help wondering if this was something that was said every introduction, or, there was a new student to whom the topic was directed. Either way, he quite liked the idea of a slow and methodical game of guess who Do they have a moustache and glasses?
With a Welcome to RMI! The rest of the formal introduction and welcomes had finished and Satveer was now officially a student. A large grin happened upon his face, the sort of grin that to an onlooker it may have seemed weird. Satveer didn’t care, he was overjoyed. “This is awesome” he said, revelling in the fact that this was the first time he’d been away from his family. The first time he had a place that he could call (sort of) his own.

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    The seafoam green carpeting and dark brown wooden wall paneling reflected the colors of Lyra House. Opposite the entryway was an expansive mural, centered over a large fireplace. The mural’s painter... more
    • SM - T26 - E05 - Common Room Tango - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Sun Jul 9 15:02
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