Dardanius Dubois
I assume you mean the nail polish
Sun Aug 6, 2017 07:39

The knock on the door and the voice that accompanied it roused Danny from a state of semi-consciousness; he had spent most of the day lying on his bed. The sixth year wasn't accustomed to sleeping during the daytime, but he hadn't slept well the previous night, and hadn't eaten much during the day. It seemed to Dardanius that he lacked the energy or enthusiasm to do just about anything. The restless night must be in part to blame, but also the conversation that had followed had definitely played a part in his current apathy. He had been studying animagus transfiguration to pass the time, and as a distraction from other thoughts, but the past half an hour had seen him discard the textbook to the edge of the bed, where the seventeen year old lay on his front with his face buried in his pillow. Upon hearing his friend at the door, he lifted his head to call, “Come in,” to Holland. Then he dropped it back onto his pillow again, but to the side this time, so he could see and speak to his friend should Holland accept his invitation to enter.

The bin of nail polish was sitting on the floor in front of Danny’s bedside table, where he had placed it upon returning there earlier that day; it was the only item on his floor aside from the furniture and his slippers. He had taken a route back from the passageways that passed through the Diner, but he hadn't seen Holland there to pass the polish along. It had been nearing the end of the breakfast slot, so Danny had picked up some toast, an apple and a banana without stopping to sit. Back in his dormitory, he ate his breakfast, took a quick shower and dressed in some loose jeans and a purple t-shirt. He really needn't have bothered, as he then lay on his bed with his textbook and hadn't moved for the rest of the day.

The suggestion of dinner, however, did make him aware that he had skipped a meal. This was probably the longest he had ever gone without eating in his life, excepting that one time when he was about nine that he'd contracted some sort of virus that temporarily prohibited his appetite. Going to the Diner would mean seeing other people, and maybe Marissa, and Danny didn't want to do that. Not today. There weren’t too many hours left in the day before he could hopefully fall asleep for the entire night. He'd deal with tomorrow when it arrived.

  • Picking up what’s mine [Danny] - Holland Keene, Sat Aug 5 20:15
    After they’d made up, Holland and Emmett had spent the rest of the evening before falling asleep hanging out and gossiping chatting. Holland didn’t sleep well with other people around, even with... more
    • I assume you mean the nail polish - Dardanius Dubois, Sun Aug 6 07:39
      • I can pick up your pieces, too - Holland, Sun Aug 6 17:10
        At Danny’s answer, Holland entered his room, closing the door behind them. It was weirdly dark inside. All the lights were off even though it was early evening and the fake windows were showing a... more
        • That's what friends are for - Dardanius, Mon Aug 7 05:15
          Danny heard Holland come in, and disinterestedly watched them pick up the nail polish. It was inevitable, he supposed, that Holland would ask if he was okay; he wasn't exactly demonstrating usual... more
          • I even have a box to put them in - Holland, Mon Aug 7 08:35
            Even though Danny sounded like he was asking, Holland didn’t cast a cheering charm. This was partially because they didn’t have their wand on them and emotional manipulation seemed a risky thing to... more
            • That's forward planning - Danny, Mon Aug 7 10:50
              “Why?” Holland asked. Danny was surprised by the immediate bluntness of the question but it wore off quickly; It was not incongruent with Holland’s character for them to want to understand causality. ... more
              • I’m prepared like a Boy Scout - Holland, Mon Aug 7 16:52
                Holland had expected a laugh and acknowledgement that yes, ice cream would be great. But instead Danny sat up and launched into what must have been every single thought he'd had since this morning.... more
                • Constant Vigilance - Danny, Mon Aug 7 17:55
                  Danny was half-expecting Holland to blink at him, tell him to chill out and run away quickly. Of course Holland was a far better friend than that, and actually listened to ridiculous nonsense spewing ... more
                  • That sounds stressful - Holland, Mon Aug 7 21:50
                    Thankfully, Danny looked surprised and laughed a little, which Holland took to mean that he’d received their response well. “No worries. It helps to talk it through sometimes,” Holland agreed. Or to... more
                    • Emmett makes an entrance!!~ - Emmett Lawrence, Sat Aug 12 13:01
                      Emmett was a bit surprised by an impromptu sleepover, especially the night after a very promptu sleepover with everybody, but he wasn’t super complaining. He was in charge of the food, so he scurried ... more
                      • 10/10 Title - Danny, Sun Aug 13 15:49
                        Danny didn't object to Holland’s sleepover scenario. He didn't think he'd be great company, but he was already feeling loads better since Holland arrived, so maybe having Emmett there would help,... more
                        • 11/10 in my book - Holland, Mon Aug 14 23:16
                          Before he left to get sleepover stuff, Emmett told them to save some food for him, as if either Danny or Holland wanted anchovy-and-pineapple pizza. There was a reason why they each just got their... more
                          • I can't even count that high! - Emmett , Wed Aug 16 15:56
                            Emmett did as Holland and Danny told him. This was not an unusual phenomenon, as Emmett almost always did what Holland and Danny told him. (In fact, the "almost" was mostly just for Danny.) But... more
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