That's forward planning
Mon Aug 7, 2017 10:50

“Why?” Holland asked. Danny was surprised by the immediate bluntness of the question but it wore off quickly; It was not incongruent with Holland’s character for them to want to understand causality.

“Don't go,” Danny rejected that particular suggestion before he'd collected himself sufficiently to answer the main query. He'd started to feel more alert since Holland had joined him in the dormitory, and maybe talking it through with a friend would reassure Danny about his choices. Ice cream sounded a good plan too; actually any food at all would be welcome. He stomach agreed with an audible gurgle as Danny pulled himself into a seating position near his pillow, vacating sufficient space on the bed for Holland to sit there too if they wanted to.

“A lot of it is to do with family expectations,” he sighed, figuring he might as well make an effort at answering ‘why,’ for his own benefit as well as Holland’s. “I know you don't think that's important,” he summarised the general reaction he had received whenever the matter was brought up with his friends, “but it is to me; it's what I've been brought up with my whole, entire life. Marriage to an eligible partner, fresh heirs, maintain the family line - it's all part of who I am,” Danny elaborated. “I can't just pretend that it's not. I've tried detaching dating from all of that final eventuality, but it either seems impossible or idiotic. That's what dating is for, isn't it? To find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?” He was tangenting but he didn't care; he hadn't expected to find as many words to say as had fallen out of his mouth. “Well then what's the point in me dating girls I can't marry? Or who wouldn’t even want to be part of this system?”

Danny shifted, sitting up straighter. He seemed to be gathering energy as his diatribe gained momentum. “I'm starting to feel like I don't really support the system. It makes elitists out of people just because of their parentage, nothing to do with who they are or what they have achieved, and I'm not okay with that. Look at Camilla - she's expected to live in the system that treats her horribly. Her father made a mistake, and she has to deal with purebloods,” (he frowned at the word) “who think she's not worth anything because her parents weren't married. I don't support that, either. But I'm already in the system. What if I make that same mistake?” He liked to think he had more sense, but he'd wager a fair few Galleons that Camilla’s father had thought that, too. “Have a child out of marriage, have her grow up with no claim to name or fortunes but expected to live like the rest of us, anyway? It's disgusting.”

If Holland thought he was finished they were mistaken.

“Then there's Claudia.” Dardanius hasn't told anyone else about the alarming episode with his sister over the summer, and he hadn't ever intended to, but apparently he couldn't stop talking. “She came to me so upset because she's seen me kissing a girl I'm not betrothed to, and she knows I like Marissa.” He felt bad that he'd upset her. He understood her confusion. “She looks up to me, and she was so disappointed that I'm not the virtuous, respectful older brother I should be. It's different for girls - it shouldn't be, but it is. If I chose to go around sleeping with every girl I liked nobody would bat an eyelid. Although if I did that with the wrong girl, her father could be there with a betrothal agreement within the hour,” he added as an afterthought. “I’m sure you can understand it's not something I'm really into.”

“Of course without all that going on I'm sixteen years old and I obviously haven't got a clue what I'm doing. But all that, everything I've just said, that all goes through my head every time I kiss a girl. Marissa was doing more than just kissing, and I can't handle it.” Oh no, he was going to tell Holland the whole truth. “I just can't. I want to, that's really not the issue, trust me. If there was just me and her and no other world, no family and expectations, no crazy rules, then I wouldn't have given it another thought. But that's not my reality.”

Finally finished, Danny looked sheepishly at Holland. “So, um, I guess that’s why.”

  • I even have a box to put them in - Holland, Mon Aug 7 08:35
    Even though Danny sounded like he was asking, Holland didn’t cast a cheering charm. This was partially because they didn’t have their wand on them and emotional manipulation seemed a risky thing to... more
    • That's forward planning - Danny, Mon Aug 7 10:50
      • I’m prepared like a Boy Scout - Holland, Mon Aug 7 16:52
        Holland had expected a laugh and acknowledgement that yes, ice cream would be great. But instead Danny sat up and launched into what must have been every single thought he'd had since this morning.... more
        • Constant Vigilance - Danny, Mon Aug 7 17:55
          Danny was half-expecting Holland to blink at him, tell him to chill out and run away quickly. Of course Holland was a far better friend than that, and actually listened to ridiculous nonsense spewing ... more
          • That sounds stressful - Holland, Mon Aug 7 21:50
            Thankfully, Danny looked surprised and laughed a little, which Holland took to mean that he’d received their response well. “No worries. It helps to talk it through sometimes,” Holland agreed. Or to... more
            • Emmett makes an entrance!!~ - Emmett Lawrence, Sat Aug 12 13:01
              Emmett was a bit surprised by an impromptu sleepover, especially the night after a very promptu sleepover with everybody, but he wasn’t super complaining. He was in charge of the food, so he scurried ... more
              • 10/10 Title - Danny, Sun Aug 13 15:49
                Danny didn't object to Holland’s sleepover scenario. He didn't think he'd be great company, but he was already feeling loads better since Holland arrived, so maybe having Emmett there would help,... more
                • 11/10 in my book - Holland, Mon Aug 14 23:16
                  Before he left to get sleepover stuff, Emmett told them to save some food for him, as if either Danny or Holland wanted anchovy-and-pineapple pizza. There was a reason why they each just got their... more
                  • I can't even count that high! - Emmett , Wed Aug 16 15:56
                    Emmett did as Holland and Danny told him. This was not an unusual phenomenon, as Emmett almost always did what Holland and Danny told him. (In fact, the "almost" was mostly just for Danny.) But... more
                    • The same way Danny did very little planning with his wardrobe choices - he often just threw on whichever garments he laid his hands upon first, regardless of whether his outfits co-ordinated - he... more
                      • But we like you anyway - Holland, Fri Aug 18 16:07
                        “Danny, you may have a future as a pop art painter,” Holland teased lightly. “You can mismatch bright colors on par with Andy Warhol.” On the other hand, Holland was very impressed with both Danny’s... more
                        • Well, sometimes you want darker colors. - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:34
                          Unlike Emmett, Holland decided to immediately inspect the work done to them. When the compact mirror came out, he got instinctively nervous, but Holland seemed to like it. “Hey, not bad,” was a lot... more
                          • Dark and Mysterious? - Danny, Sun Aug 20 04:01
                            He had been intending to learn from Holland, but there was so much stuff going onto his face he was fast losing track. He was surprised that he couldn't feel most of it when it was on, but the... more
                            • Or dark and stormy? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 15:55
                              Well, oops. Holland had thought they mentioned the breakup to Emmett when they were asking him to get food. Or that he could figure it out from context—Danny and Marissa had been handsy all of last... more
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