Myfanwy Owen
Is it a committee if it's just one person?
Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:44

Magic school seemed to have a lot of great surprises, and mostly Myfanwy still thought it was going to be amazing, but there were some parts of it that weren't actually so great. Like the biggest disappointment was that Myffi was sitting in her dormitory all on her own because it turned out she didn't have a roommate. Well actually maybe the biggest disappointment was that all the food at the school wasn't fair trade, or organic, and nobody even seemed sure that no pesticides or potions were used. The fifteen year old was used to knowing exactly what she put into her body, and she wasn't at all happy with knowing so little about her food. For all she knew the eggs came from chickens that were kept in battery farms, twenty birds per square metre. The apples could be coated in chemicals that poisoned wildlife. The fish could be caught in nets that destroyed marine habitats. Every mouthful Myfanwy swallowed could be destroying their beautiful planet.

For the time being she was choosing food that was unlikely to be contaminated, like root vegetables, nuts and seeds, but it wasn't a sustainable diet and it was making her a bit gassy. She was hoping there would be some shops on Pearl Street where she could buy some organic, fair trade, vegan foods, but having to pay for all her own food when so much was already provided was not especially satisfying.

Having her own room was definitely also a problem, but at least she could have her friends in Lyra visit, when she made them. The fifth year transfer was working on making it as much of a home as she could. She'd spread her old patchwork quilt on her bed, her sketchbooks and the small wooden box that held her pencils and charcoals and things were stored in a basket made of woven strips of newspaper, and a pile of friendship bracelets sat on top of the small table next to the bed next to Myffi’s wand. The room was about the same size as Myfanwy's bedroom had been at home before the move to America. She wanted to make it as comfortable as her room had been, too, for herself and for all the friends she just knew she would make.

In fact there was a visitor right now. Myfanwy closed the wardrobe - she had been hanging up the last of her clothes she just finished unpacking - and opened the door instead. She knew before the person had even introduced him her themself this had to be Holland.

“Oh my gosh, yes, I know,” Myffi said with cheerful excitement, her Welsh accent strong. She immediately stepped back and gestured for Holland to come into the room. “Rose told me to use ‘they’ already,” she added. She still wasn't clear on why Holland wasn't a he or a she but right now there were other distractions to consider.

“Wow your hair looks amazing. Purple is my favourite,” Myfanwy enthused, “as well as green.” She tugged on her oversized sweater for emphasis, which was a dark, bottle green. Her mother had knitted it for Cledan and Myffi inherited it from her sister. Today she was wearing it with red rose-patterned leggings and a choker that she had made with red ribbon and spare fabric to make three red roses on the front. “I've thought about dying my hair but it's so dark,” she careened on, barely pausing for breath. Her almost-black hair was tied very simply in a low ponytail at that moment, but she liked to experiment with different styles quite often.

“Come on in,” she finally invited, as if she hadn't already been talking for a reasonable while. “It's nice to meet you too.”

  • The welcoming committee [Myffi] - Holland Keene, Fri Aug 11 08:22
    There was another transfer. Into Emmett’s year, this time, but still. That was FIVE in the span of just over a year. So now there were as many fifth-and-sixth-year transfers as there were people in... more
    • Is it a committee if it's just one person? - Myfanwy Owen, Fri Aug 11 10:44
      • We’re a small House - Holland, Fri Aug 11 19:31
        Holland didn’t judge people by their outfits the way Heather Bartel did, but you could tell a lot about someone by how they dressed. For example, Danny’s tendency to wear neon was a huge indicator of ... more
        • But a Great one? - Myfanwy, Tue Aug 15 12:02
          Holland came in and that made Myfanwy smile even more because it meant she had probably made a good first impression. Holland made an interesting first impression on her. She'd never met anyone like... more
          • Something like that - Holland, Thu Aug 17 16:25
            Here was another weird thing about the transfers: they sort of corresponded with students who were already there. Russell was like Emmett but really weird. Ruben was like a male, Swedish version of... more
            • I'll find out soon enough - Myfanwy, Fri Aug 18 11:52
              “Gosh that would be amazing,” Myfanwy beamed at Holland’s offer to help with her hair. People at her new school were just so nice. Everyone was offering to help her and they were just so chatty. It... more
              • I’m happy to help with that - Holland, Fri Aug 18 17:26
                Oh , Myffi was vegan. The very serious kind of vegan who put in the work, not the kind who was doing it like a fad weight-loss diet. (Obviously you would lose weight if you stopped eating cheese. It... more
                • We'll be firm friends - Myffi, Sat Aug 19 10:50
                  Holland did know what Myffi meant, and also they already used products that weren't tested on animals. That was so great; Myfanwy was liking Holland more and more by the minute. This was proven the... more
                  • I think so - Holland, Wed Aug 23 12:59
                    Myffi had a more enthusiastic reaction to Holland mentioning the shop than they had ever gotten before. She seemed like an enthusiastic kind of person, though, so it probably shouldn’t have been a... more
                    • I know so - Myffi, Fri Aug 25 14:48
                      “Oh my gosh, yes please, I'd love to look at the catalogue,” Myffi squealed. “I've not much money right now,” she started to explain, “because apparently literally nothing at the school is safe to... more
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