We’re a small House
Fri Aug 11, 2017 19:31

Holland didn’t judge people by their outfits the way Heather Bartel did, but you could tell a lot about someone by how they dressed. For example, Danny’s tendency to wear neon was a huge indicator of his show-off tendencies (although he was getting better about both those things). On the other hand, Claudia dressed in a conservative, feminine, upper-class way, and she was all of those things to a T. Myfanwy was wearing a homemade sweater, patterned leggings, and round wire glasses. She was cute—aesthetically, not necessarily with any attraction attached to it. Not to rule anyone out offhand, but Holland had a definite unpreference for femme-presenting people.

Being semi-recognized was a semi-surprise. Holland briefly wondered if, because of the Lucien thing last year and because Myfanwy was Holland’s neighbor, Mr. Tennant has mentioned them to the new student. But no, that wasn’t it. Apparently Myfanwy had already met Rose? Holland hadn’t heard anything about the latest transfer from their friend, but she hadn’t been here very long so they supposed Rose wouldn’t have had time to mention that they’d talked. Holland felt touched that Rose had mentioned their pronouns to Myfanwy. It was nice to have friends who would look out for you so you didn’t have to bear all the work of explaining about pronouns and being nonbinary every single time you met a new person. That was good allyship.

Holland accepted the invitation into Myfanwy’s dorm, noting the decorations (quilt, art supplies, friendship bracelets) that gave the room a quaint, homey look. Holland’s dorm had the same basic layout, although Holland had transfigured their nightstand into a vanity last year so they would have a better place to do their makeup than the bathroom. They had also brought a bookshelf from home, which was actually dollhouse furniture Holland had hit with an engorgio. Holland kept all their books year to year, took a lot of classes, and also read a lot outside of schoolwork, so the piles of books in their room, while well-organized by size and subject, had been starting to take over like little bibliophilic cairns.

At the compliment about their hair, Holland smiled. It was nice to have something you were proud of remarked upon. “Thank you. Mhm, your hair’s pretty dark, so you’d probably just have to bleach it first if you wanted to use most dyes. That’s what I do when I go the Muggle route.” Half of Holland’s family was Muggle and they knew Holland had perpetually unnaturally-colored hair, so they were sometimes given different hair dyes as gifts. “There are some magical hair dyes that work regardless of your starting hair color; most of those hold color pretty well, so that’s my go-to. That’s what this is,” they added, gesturing to their hair. “Color-changing charms and partial transfigurations also work, and you can get really specific shades and patterns without much effort, but you have to reapply them more often. So it’s a trade-off.” Holland personally preferred potions or transfigurations, now that they were pretty good at doing them, but the other options had their own merits.

Holland could happily talk about hair dye for hours, but they wanted to know about why Myfanwy was now at RMI, so they didn’t give her much time to reply. “So are you Welsh?” Holland suggested, trying to ask super casually. “I just assumed, from your name and the accent. We don’t get a lot of students from the UK here, I think it’s just Rose and her brothers.” Holland thought they’d heard an English accent in the Common Room recently, so maybe one of the first years was British too. “What made your family choose RMI?”

  • Is it a committee if it's just one person? - Myfanwy Owen, Fri Aug 11 10:44
    Magic school seemed to have a lot of great surprises, and mostly Myfanwy still thought it was going to be amazing, but there were some parts of it that weren't actually so great. Like the biggest... more
    • We’re a small House - Holland, Fri Aug 11 19:31
      • But a Great one? - Myfanwy, Tue Aug 15 12:02
        Holland came in and that made Myfanwy smile even more because it meant she had probably made a good first impression. Holland made an interesting first impression on her. She'd never met anyone like... more
        • Something like that - Holland, Thu Aug 17 16:25
          Here was another weird thing about the transfers: they sort of corresponded with students who were already there. Russell was like Emmett but really weird. Ruben was like a male, Swedish version of... more
          • I'll find out soon enough - Myfanwy, Fri Aug 18 11:52
            “Gosh that would be amazing,” Myfanwy beamed at Holland’s offer to help with her hair. People at her new school were just so nice. Everyone was offering to help her and they were just so chatty. It... more
            • I’m happy to help with that - Holland, Fri Aug 18 17:26
              Oh , Myffi was vegan. The very serious kind of vegan who put in the work, not the kind who was doing it like a fad weight-loss diet. (Obviously you would lose weight if you stopped eating cheese. It... more
              • We'll be firm friends - Myffi, Sat Aug 19 10:50
                Holland did know what Myffi meant, and also they already used products that weren't tested on animals. That was so great; Myfanwy was liking Holland more and more by the minute. This was proven the... more
                • I think so - Holland, Wed Aug 23 12:59
                  Myffi had a more enthusiastic reaction to Holland mentioning the shop than they had ever gotten before. She seemed like an enthusiastic kind of person, though, so it probably shouldn’t have been a... more
                  • I know so - Myffi, Fri Aug 25 14:48
                    “Oh my gosh, yes please, I'd love to look at the catalogue,” Myffi squealed. “I've not much money right now,” she started to explain, “because apparently literally nothing at the school is safe to... more
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