11/10 in my book
Mon Aug 14, 2017 23:16

Before he left to get sleepover stuff, Emmett told them to save some food for him, as if either Danny or Holland wanted anchovy-and-pineapple pizza. There was a reason why they each just got their own thing when the group got pizza together. It was slightly impressive that Emmett had remembered utensils and napkins (Emmett was good at food but he wasn’t the most clairvoyant seer in the coven and was likely to forget important planning things like that) and Holland spent a few moments arranging food, cutlery, and pillows so everyone could sit comfortably together.

Danny went first, so Holland had plenty of time to look on in amusement and eat their pizza, which was covered in chicken, banana peppers, and extra black olives. Holland could usually eat two slices of pizza in one sitting, but they were pretty sure they were hungry enough right now to eat half their pizza. They were also pretty sure they wouldn’t feel great if they did that, and they wanted to save room for ice cream. According to Monty Keene, there was no such thing as being too full for ice cream because ice cream filled in the cracks between the other food you ate, but Holland disagreed.

Having done the makeup for RMI’s musicals for the past several years, Holland was practiced at putting makeup on other people. Danny was not. That would have been a hinderance even if he knew what all the products were, which he didn’t. “They don’t,” Holland assured him, laughing. Who couldn’t tell the difference between primer and foundation? Even with no makeup experience, the name of the product described what they were! Holland was happy to tell Danny what each thing was, but they thought it would be more fun if they didn’t give him hints as to what they were for.

And it was. Emmett had a lighter skin tone than Holland did, and their foundation was a bit too dark for him. Holland had a primer that made foundation adapt a few shades to the wearer’s skin tone, but it was expensive as hell so they’d left it in their dorm. Magical primer wasn’t for just-messing-around makeovers. The mismatched hues looked a bit silly (Holland knew how to fix this problem, but Danny didn’t) but Danny seemed like he was having fun, which, Holland reminded themself, was the point. Then he went for the green eyeliner, which was an interesting choice. They would have pegged Danny for more traditional eyeliner colors. Holland had already chosen a brown liquid liner to use for Danny (if you were going for a natural look, brown was less severe than black), but a lot of new options were open to them if he was all right with more fun options. Maybe they would stick with the brown liner and just go for fun eyeshadow. Holland picked a few candidates from the pile of things Danny had elected not to use.

“Thank you,” Holland told Danny, grinning. “Emmett, tilt your head back a little and either close your eyes gently or look down,” Holland suggested, probably unnecessarily; he should know the drill from them doing his stage makeup. “Danny, you can steady your hand on his cheek to get a more even line; the foundation won’t come off on you much.” He hadn’t used the setting powder so it might come off a little, but that probably wouldn’t be a big problem.

“I’m ready for my turn whenever Emmett is,” Holland said, when Danny seemed to be approaching completion of his makeover masterpiece. They hadn’t put on makeup today, since they’d been in their dorm for most of the afternoon, so except for moisturizer their face was a blank canvas. This, Holland thought, must be what having femme friends you could sleep over with was like—although most people who presented as femme would probably know more about makeup than Danny and Emmett did.

  • 10/10 Title - Danny, Sun Aug 13 15:49
    Danny didn't object to Holland’s sleepover scenario. He didn't think he'd be great company, but he was already feeling loads better since Holland arrived, so maybe having Emmett there would help,... more
    • 11/10 in my book - Holland, Mon Aug 14 23:16
      • I can't even count that high! - Emmett , Wed Aug 16 15:56
        Emmett did as Holland and Danny told him. This was not an unusual phenomenon, as Emmett almost always did what Holland and Danny told him. (In fact, the "almost" was mostly just for Danny.) But... more
        • The same way Danny did very little planning with his wardrobe choices - he often just threw on whichever garments he laid his hands upon first, regardless of whether his outfits co-ordinated - he... more
          • But we like you anyway - Holland, Fri Aug 18 16:07
            “Danny, you may have a future as a pop art painter,” Holland teased lightly. “You can mismatch bright colors on par with Andy Warhol.” On the other hand, Holland was very impressed with both Danny’s... more
            • Well, sometimes you want darker colors. - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:34
              Unlike Emmett, Holland decided to immediately inspect the work done to them. When the compact mirror came out, he got instinctively nervous, but Holland seemed to like it. “Hey, not bad,” was a lot... more
              • Dark and Mysterious? - Danny, Sun Aug 20 04:01
                He had been intending to learn from Holland, but there was so much stuff going onto his face he was fast losing track. He was surprised that he couldn't feel most of it when it was on, but the... more
                • Or dark and stormy? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 15:55
                  Well, oops. Holland had thought they mentioned the breakup to Emmett when they were asking him to get food. Or that he could figure it out from context—Danny and Marissa had been handsy all of last... more
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