You're not the brightest shade in the palette
Thu Aug 17, 2017 07:50

The same way Danny did very little planning with his wardrobe choices - he often just threw on whichever garments he laid his hands upon first, regardless of whether his outfits co-ordinated - he didn't think too hard about the colours he had selected for Emmett’s face. It was undoubtedly evident to his friends that he liked bright shades, which is probably why the green eye pencil had appealed to him. But when it was on Emmett, and combined with his blue eyes, blonde hair and too-dark foundation, it looked indisputably odd. Danny wasn't even sure whether he would be more satisfied if Emmett ended up looking reasonable or ridiculous by the end of his endeavours, so he didn't think too hard about picking out a pale purple powder for Emmett’s eyelids and a sort of metallic gold coloured lipstick. The effect was entertaining, if nothing else.

He laughed when Emmett joked that he felt pretty. “You look breathtaking,” Danny assured him. “Maybe hold off on looking in a mirror until we’re all done,” he suggested. There was a full length mirror fixed to the inside of his wardrobe door they could use if they wanted to. Emmett might be better off not seeing.

As he watched Emmett take his turn doing Holland’s make up, Danny started on some Fudgilicious ice cream that had patches of warm fudge sauce in amongst chocolate chip ice cream and realised that he should have gone last, not first in this activity. Emmett obviously knew much more about cosmetics than Danny did, which on the one hand was pretty funny, and something Danny was likely to tease him about in future, but on the other hand it was always weird when Emmett knew things he didn't. Expected in this instance, because Emmett wore makeup when he did the drama stuff, as well as on the rarer occasions he wore in outside of the theatre, but still weird. He seemed to know his way around the products that were entirely foreign to Danny, and Holland, while nowhere near as polished as usual, at least didn't look like their face had been painted by a six year old. Danny probably could have made a marginally better effort with Emmett if he'd observed the younger boy first.

Arriving at the conclusion that backing out now would make him a spoil sport, Dardanius resigned himself to the impending reality that he was going to get a makeover. Holland already offered uninvited (though not unwelcome) comments on his wardrobe, and guided him when they went shopping together; he felt like maybe his yearmate should start autographing him or something: this Dardanius was created by Holland Keene.

“Alright,” he sighed, “have at me.” If nothing else, this evening had been a good distraction. “If our culture dictates ice cream and makeovers after a break up, who am I to argue?”

  • I can't even count that high! - Emmett , Wed Aug 16 15:56
    Emmett did as Holland and Danny told him. This was not an unusual phenomenon, as Emmett almost always did what Holland and Danny told him. (In fact, the "almost" was mostly just for Danny.) But... more
    • You're not the brightest shade in the palette - Danny, Thu Aug 17 07:50
      • But we like you anyway - Holland, Fri Aug 18 16:07
        “Danny, you may have a future as a pop art painter,” Holland teased lightly. “You can mismatch bright colors on par with Andy Warhol.” On the other hand, Holland was very impressed with both Danny’s... more
        • Well, sometimes you want darker colors. - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:34
          Unlike Emmett, Holland decided to immediately inspect the work done to them. When the compact mirror came out, he got instinctively nervous, but Holland seemed to like it. “Hey, not bad,” was a lot... more
          • Dark and Mysterious? - Danny, Sun Aug 20 04:01
            He had been intending to learn from Holland, but there was so much stuff going onto his face he was fast losing track. He was surprised that he couldn't feel most of it when it was on, but the... more
            • Or dark and stormy? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 15:55
              Well, oops. Holland had thought they mentioned the breakup to Emmett when they were asking him to get food. Or that he could figure it out from context—Danny and Marissa had been handsy all of last... more
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