I'll find out soon enough
Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:52

“Gosh that would be amazing,” Myfanwy beamed at Holland’s offer to help with her hair. People at her new school were just so nice. Everyone was offering to help her and they were just so chatty. It was a shame she didn’t have a roomate but if Holland lived next door then maybe she didn’t need a person actually sleeping in her room. This was like the absolute best next thing to having a real roomie. “Thanks a million, Holland, we should totally do that.”

“So what’s it like living on a commune?” Holland asked, and Myfanwy couldn’t blame them, it wasn’t like everyone did that. Unfortunately she wasn’t really best suited for giving a proper answer, as she hadn’t ever actually lived there, not really.

“I only stayed there for two nights when we got here and then I came straight to Rocky Mountain,” she said with a shrug. “It seems nice, all the people said they were looking forward to getting to know me properly when I go back at midterm so I’ll be able to tell you more about it then,” she said, perching on the edge of her bed, where Holland was welcome to join her if they wanted to. “There’s a huge vegetable garden and an orchard and chickens and goats and a stream and everything.” Myfanwy told Holland as much as she could from the limited knowledge she had. “We had chicken back home in Wales,” the fifth year chose to divert the chatter back onto something she could talk about more easily. “I’m mostly vegan but I ate the eggs from our own chickens because I knew where they came from. I don’t eat food that’s caused an animal to suffer,” she said, quite seriously, “and I don’t like to eat pesticides or chemicals or genetically modified food or anything where the farmers haven’t been paid a fair wage.” It sounded like quite a long list when she said it like that.

“I don’t buy leather or silk or fur,” she said that last bit like it was a swear word, and a particularly vulgar one at that, “either. And only natural dyes.” She was talking about the dyes she used on her clothes, but now she thought about it, “Oh is that magical hair dye you mentioned planet-friendly?” That was the easiest way of asking it its ingredients were responsibly sourced and the potion itself wasn’t going to cause damage to wildlife when it inevitably got into sewer systems. Myffi assumed Holland would know what she meant; everyone back home knew how to reduce, reuse, recycle and be planet friendly. It was just basic responsibility to your own home. She looked questioningly at Holland through her circular rose-gold-rimmed glasses. “I mean it sounds amazing but I can always try the charms as a back up plan.”

  • Something like that - Holland, Thu Aug 17 16:25
    Here was another weird thing about the transfers: they sort of corresponded with students who were already there. Russell was like Emmett but really weird. Ruben was like a male, Swedish version of... more
    • I'll find out soon enough - Myfanwy, Fri Aug 18 11:52
      • I’m happy to help with that - Holland, Fri Aug 18 17:26
        Oh , Myffi was vegan. The very serious kind of vegan who put in the work, not the kind who was doing it like a fad weight-loss diet. (Obviously you would lose weight if you stopped eating cheese. It... more
        • We'll be firm friends - Myffi, Sat Aug 19 10:50
          Holland did know what Myffi meant, and also they already used products that weren't tested on animals. That was so great; Myfanwy was liking Holland more and more by the minute. This was proven the... more
          • I think so - Holland, Wed Aug 23 12:59
            Myffi had a more enthusiastic reaction to Holland mentioning the shop than they had ever gotten before. She seemed like an enthusiastic kind of person, though, so it probably shouldn’t have been a... more
            • I know so - Myffi, Fri Aug 25 14:48
              “Oh my gosh, yes please, I'd love to look at the catalogue,” Myffi squealed. “I've not much money right now,” she started to explain, “because apparently literally nothing at the school is safe to... more
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