But we like you anyway
Fri Aug 18, 2017 16:07

“Danny, you may have a future as a pop art painter,” Holland teased lightly. “You can mismatch bright colors on par with Andy Warhol.” On the other hand, Holland was very impressed with both Danny’s decision to use gold metallic lipstick and the way it looked on Emmett. Purple-and-green eyelids notwithstanding. “Emmett, if you ever want to wear makeup for real, I will get you that lipstick,” they declared. Holland could also see a matte fuchsia color working on him, or maybe a metallic blue. Emmett usually didn’t let Holland experiment with exciting colors (“only if you swear not to take any sort of picture image and we stay in my room”) even when they did his makeup for parties, so it was fun to see something besides the natural look.

Impressively, Emmett seemed to have an idea of what he was doing. Huh. He had learned from them doing his makeup over the years. He used primer and he even managed to not misuse highlighter, which people who regularly wore makeup sometimes struggled with. He didn’t contour and he didn’t use the brushes Holland would have chosen but overall, not bad. Holland wasn’t even afraid for their vision when he went for the eyeliner pencil.

Also, ten out of ten on lipstick choice. “Looks good to me,” Holland said, always in favor of fun lip colors. They let Emmett put the lipstick on them, then used the mirror in one of their compacts to check themself out. “Hey, not bad.” It obviously wasn’t their usual look, but they wouldn’t be terribly embarrassed to go in public like this. Well, maybe they’d want to fix the eyeliner. But overall, he’d done pretty well.

“That’s the spirit,” Holland agreed with Danny. They’d been quietly hoarding makeup to use on Danny while he’d been doing Emmett’s makeup, and Holland was pleased with their selection. They felt like it mixed conventional (Danny’s probable makeup preference) with bright colors (Danny’s clothing preference), and there was even some glitter just for fun.

They started with a moisturizing primer, followed by foundation and then concealer to even out Danny’s complexion. He still looked tired so they paid special attention to the area under his eyes. Then bronzer to contour and just a little bit of blush. His eyebrows didn’t need much attention (Holland wasn’t going to do shaping) so they moved on to the shadow and liner. Danny had hooded lids, so they had to apply the copper eyeshadow above the crease to make sure the color didn’t get lost. They also knew a straight line eyeshadow trick that gave the illusion of a more lifted eye shape. Next some glitter at the outside corners, liner (they started with brown at the inner corners and then halfway across blended it with a vivid teal, because fun) and…

“Is it pushing my luck to try to put mascara on you? Should I just move on to lipstick?” Holland asked, holding the tube of mascara in one hand and the matte rose liquid lipstick in the other. They were pretty sure Danny would decline the mascara, but it was worth trying. “Emmett, thoughts?”

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    • But we like you anyway - Holland, Fri Aug 18 16:07
      • Well, sometimes you want darker colors. - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:34
        Unlike Emmett, Holland decided to immediately inspect the work done to them. When the compact mirror came out, he got instinctively nervous, but Holland seemed to like it. “Hey, not bad,” was a lot... more
        • Dark and Mysterious? - Danny, Sun Aug 20 04:01
          He had been intending to learn from Holland, but there was so much stuff going onto his face he was fast losing track. He was surprised that he couldn't feel most of it when it was on, but the... more
          • Or dark and stormy? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 15:55
            Well, oops. Holland had thought they mentioned the breakup to Emmett when they were asking him to get food. Or that he could figure it out from context—Danny and Marissa had been handsy all of last... more
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