We'll be firm friends
Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:50

Holland did know what Myffi meant, and also they already used products that weren't tested on animals. That was so great; Myfanwy was liking Holland more and more by the minute. This was proven the next minute, when Holland mentioned their mother had a shop selling homemade cosmetics. Myffi raised her eyebrows in surprise and delight. She wanted to visit this shop very much. She didn't even know where it was but she really, really wanted to go. Holland even said they could maybe make vegan dyes for Myffi if they didn't already exist. Holland was such a nice person!

“That is so unbelievably cool!” Myffi squeaked. “When I have some more money I'm definitely going to order some things from your shop,” she promised (Holland said they helped at it so Myffi decided it was okay to call it their shop too, not just their mom’s). She already had a reasonable amount of money from her parents to spend on school supplies and new clothes and things, but at the moment it seemed like all that was going to be spent on food that Myffi would be comfortable eating, assuming she could find a place that sold planet-friendly food.

When Holland mentioned potions ingredients, Myfanwy frowned a little and pulled her feet up onto the bed too, resting her chin on her knees. “Well at home I've only made potions using safe ingredients,” she explained. “I learned about all the rest but I only made vegetarian potions.” She had only been vegan for a couple of months, and there were still a few exceptions even then, like eating her own chickens’ eggs, but Holland didn't need to know that. “I'm not sure what I'm going to do in class,” she admitted. “What's the professor like? Do you think he’ll” - she couldn't remember all the professors’ names, but she was fairly sure her potions professor was a ‘he’ - “mind if I only make the ones I'm comfortable with?” She had collected together as many ethical potions ingredients for her kit as she could, but, as Holland had already pointed out, there were some inevitable exemptions.

  • I’m happy to help with that - Holland, Fri Aug 18 17:26
    Oh , Myffi was vegan. The very serious kind of vegan who put in the work, not the kind who was doing it like a fad weight-loss diet. (Obviously you would lose weight if you stopped eating cheese. It... more
    • We'll be firm friends - Myffi, Sat Aug 19 10:50
      • I think so - Holland, Wed Aug 23 12:59
        Myffi had a more enthusiastic reaction to Holland mentioning the shop than they had ever gotten before. She seemed like an enthusiastic kind of person, though, so it probably shouldn’t have been a... more
        • I know so - Myffi, Fri Aug 25 14:48
          “Oh my gosh, yes please, I'd love to look at the catalogue,” Myffi squealed. “I've not much money right now,” she started to explain, “because apparently literally nothing at the school is safe to... more
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