Dark and Mysterious?
Sun Aug 20, 2017 04:01

He had been intending to learn from Holland, but there was so much stuff going onto his face he was fast losing track. He was surprised that he couldn't feel most of it when it was on, but the application made him quite uncomfortable. He was trying to convince himself that it was just a new sensation he was still getting used to, and it was sort of working, but he had definitely enjoyed putting make up on Emmett more than he was enjoying having it done to him.

It was nearly over when Emmett asked “What’s this about a breakup?” Danny blinked his decorated eyelids. Had Holland not told Emmett why he had been hiding in his room all day? The reason he could benefit from this current distraction? Well that would explain why Emmett hadn't made any comments in jest - which he would be well within his rights to do, as Danny had teased Emmett a reasonable amount this time last year when Marissa had broken up with Emmett - or said anything on the matter at all. Yet he'd still got pizza and ice cream without question. Maybe Emmett wasn't the most perceptive student in the school, but Danny was glad to have him as a friend.

“Marissa wanted to talk about whatever it is we keep doing. Kept doing,” he amended. Danny hadn't ever really told Emmett directly about his not-dating or whatever it had been with Marissa, but he'd assumed he knew anyway - the not-a-couple hadn't exactly been secretive towards the end of last term, and especially not last night. He wondered how to sum up succinctly for Emmett what he'd taken about a thousand words to say to Holland earlier. “We want different things,” Danny said, “so it's over.” Before it had ever really even started. “It kinda sucks.”

Danny stopped talking then so Holland could put whatever it was on his lips. When he’d said it so simply like that it seemed ridiculous. Had it been the wrong decision after all? Merlin he'd been having these thoughts all day. It would be a relief to just accept his own decisions and move on. That just didn't seem to be easy to do right now. Or even possible.

  • Well, sometimes you want darker colors. - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:34
    Unlike Emmett, Holland decided to immediately inspect the work done to them. When the compact mirror came out, he got instinctively nervous, but Holland seemed to like it. “Hey, not bad,” was a lot... more
    • Dark and Mysterious? - Danny, Sun Aug 20 04:01
      • Or dark and stormy? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 15:55
        Well, oops. Holland had thought they mentioned the breakup to Emmett when they were asking him to get food. Or that he could figure it out from context—Danny and Marissa had been handsy all of last... more
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