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Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:59

Myffi had a more enthusiastic reaction to Holland mentioning the shop than they had ever gotten before. She seemed like an enthusiastic kind of person, though, so it probably shouldn’t have been a surprise. “We have a mailing catalogue. If you want, I’m sure I have a copy in my room,” Holland offered, feeling slightly compelled to promote SLC because Myffi had asked. It was Bryony’s store, but Holland worked summers there and was considered senior to the two part-timers Bryony employed at any given time. They were more familiar with the products than anyone but Bryony, and they had spent a lot of time in the shop growing up, so it was sort of Holland’s place too. “Some customers just have a recurring order and we bill and send them products every month, like a subscription service.”

That was useful for people who didn’t live nearby and needed regular refills on things. The most popular subscription product was Paw-Paw-Pawprint, a lotion which helped people with dander allergies be around furry animals without having a reaction. Bryony joked that it had probably saved a few relationships for people who wanted to live together but wouldn’t give their pets for a new partner. SLC also had an unscented soap for people with sensitive skin, Dewdrop, that did well in mail orders.

“The actual storefront is in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the Cultural District. It’s called ‘Spell, Look, and Candle.’ We just have the one brick-and-mortar, but there’s a lot of foot traffic there, so we do okay.” They turned a profit most of the time, except a few years ago when the recession hit. But Monty Keene’s job was pretty stable, so being in the red on SLC that year hadn’t been too bad of a thing. They just hadn’t been able to go on a family vacation that year, so Holland had spent a week with Bryony’s parents in Connecticut instead, which had been okay.

Potions ingredients might be harder thanbath products for Myffi. “I’m not in Potions,” Holland admitted. They had liked the class well enough when they were taking it, but they were more interested in so many electives that some of the core classes had had to go after third year. Magizoobotany had gotten the same treatment. Occasionally Holland regretted not being able to take those classes, as they were still interested in the subjects, but overall they were happy with the replacement classes and knew they couldn’t sustain more with their courseload. “But I think it would be a problem if you couldn’t complete all of the assignments, yeah.” If the class was a measure of your ability to make potions and you refused to make some of the potions that were required by the curriculum, it would be difficult for the professor to grade you. “Exceptions can be made for students with religious grounds—like, Saad is Muslim so he can only use ingredients that are halāl, and Rob works with him on that—but I’m not sure whether veganism would count.” That involved either ordering from an approved list of ingredient suppliers or, when that wasn’t possible, trying to substitute other ingredients. Apparently some of Saad’s substitutions had produced potions that were close to the intended formulation but that worked in a slightly different way. It was the kind of thing Holland would want to study if they were a potioneer, but they weren’t, so that was a project for someone else.

Myffi might be able to make an argument that her use of cruelty-free products was part of a code of ethics, and that was comparable to a religion. Although really it wasn’t one; there were more things that defined a religion than just a morality system. But in Holland’s experience, administrators often just agreed to things like that to avoid offending anyone, so it could work. Either Rob would think it was stupid and tell her to suck it up, or he would take adapting to Myffi’s rigid ethical restrictions as a personal potions challenge.

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    Holland did know what Myffi meant, and also they already used products that weren't tested on animals. That was so great; Myfanwy was liking Holland more and more by the minute. This was proven the... more
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        “Oh my gosh, yes please, I'd love to look at the catalogue,” Myffi squealed. “I've not much money right now,” she started to explain, “because apparently literally nothing at the school is safe to... more
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