Stella E.M. Ramiro
The oldest & strongest emotion of mankind is fear [@ Hunter]
Tue Jan 10, 2017 21:32

She opened her eyes briskly, which seemed to glow brightly in the inky, pitch-black darkness. Although the cool blue of her eyes clashed harshly against the murky atmosphere of the nighttime, for a second- for the briefest of moments- she swore that they weren't the only pair of open eyes in the room. She smiled.

Silently taking her blanket off her, she lightly stepped onto the floor, making sure to slip her feet inside her pink slippers (the color was her mother's idea) so she wouldn't make a sound. Although she observed the room very carefully and slowly, it was apparent that she was alone in her awakened state, at least for the time being. Behind her, she could hear her roommate's light breathing- such a pretty, serene sound- and she sighed in relief: this meant she wouldn't be followed. Professor Tennant had specified that if you were going to try to sneak out, especially on the first night, that you shouldn't be caught. Besides, Stella worked alone.

Pulling a bathrobe around herself, wand in one hand and a leather diary underneath the other arm, she walked out of her room silently. One of the biggest mistakes that she would make when this occurred back at home was not having something to record her immediate findings in, which made these discoveries a lot harder to record by memory. Quickly she jotted down, I'm awoken by a noise, not any noise I've heard before. Although I haven't heard it since I've started writing I am currently going towards the direction of where I believe the sound was first emitted. I am filled with dark feelings of despair and anticipation. She giggled quietly to herself.

Poking her head out ever so slightly, she took a mental note of all the exits in the room, if she needed to make a quick escape, and then observed. Something was scuttling around in the darkness, she could see the creature's shadow moving silently throughout the room. Her only source of light were the dying orange coals of what was once a vibrant fire in the fireplace, and a tranquil beam of moonlight coming from a small opening through the window shades. She bit her lips as she smiled. She began to write again.

I fear for my life, here and now, in this blackened room which I believe to be the last location I will ever take another breath. Near me, a leviathan roams, it's impeccable yet disfigured silhouette taunting me in the shadows. I can see it, staring at me. It's eyes are like foggy orbs, indifferent to the life it's about to take. I fear for my life

She scratched out her repetition and scowled to herself, knowing that while repetition was well liked for dramatic effect, it just wasn't her style. In the argument with herself, she hadn't noticed that a second figure was coming from the males' side of the room. Quickly turning her head up she saw that it was another student. She silently scowled to herself, hearing the male, for some reason, step on every creaky floor board that the stairs had available.

In fear of her getting caught, she quickly scribbled And in my final moments, I am visited not by an angel- arms full of warmth and returning my sense of lost hope- but rather an imp, who brought forth just about every which misfortune one could think of. I'll die at the hands of fate, but I'll be damned if I die from easily avoidable impotence.

She very slowly made her way across the room, keeping eye contact on the huddled beast the entire time. Although it took her nearly twice the amount of time it would have normally taken her, she remained unseen. She grabbed the boy by his arm and covered his mouth with her other hand. She whispered very silently. "If you do not wish to be killed, or worse, caught, don't speak a word. Just stay quiet, and stay down."

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