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Fri Aug 25, 2017 14:48

“Oh my gosh, yes please, I'd love to look at the catalogue,” Myffi squealed. “I've not much money right now,” she started to explain, “because apparently literally nothing at the school is safe to eat,” she grumbled her exaggeration with a frown, “so I'm hoping to find a job on Pearl Street because obviously I'm going to have to buy all my food and things from trusted suppliers, which is a real pain in the arse,” she laughed a little - it was annoying, definitely, but she had only just started school; she had plenty of time yet to get everyone to understand about sustainable living, “but if I can get some more money then I'll definitely be buying something.” She nodded in case her enthusiasm wasn't sufficiently conveyed on her words and excitable tone.

Holland told her where the shop was, which left Myffi none the wiser because her USA geography was appalling, but she was already starting to study it since she knew she’d be living here, and she at least recognised the place names so she could remember them and look them up later? “Is that where you live, then?” She asked Holland. If they were going to be friends - and Myffi was sure they were - it might be helpful maybe to know where Holland lived. The summer was really long so maybe it might be nice to visit some people sometimes.

At first she was a little disappointed to hear that Holland wasn't taking potions as a class, because Holland was nice and Myfanwy would happily work with them in class, but she supposed there were lots of other lovely people she hadn't met yet. From Holland’s account, it sounding promising that Myffi might be able to persuade the professor to let her only make vegetarian potions, and allow her to only use ingredients that were organic and fairly traded. She didn’t mind doing all the theory, and she supposed she would have to know how to do all the potions just in case she had to actually make one of them for her practical examination (she had accepted that there were still a few instances when she would have to bend the rules a little, and an external examination was one of them) but if she could get by in class and maintain her ethics then she’d be chuffed. “Thanks. I’ll talk to - Rob, you said? - and see if we can get something figured out. I’m looking forward to all my new classes,” she bounced a little on the bed as she spoke the words. “I liked being in Muggle school,. As much as you can enjoy, you know, school, but I’m so excited to see like everyone doing magic at once. It must be so much fun.”

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    Myffi had a more enthusiastic reaction to Holland mentioning the shop than they had ever gotten before. She seemed like an enthusiastic kind of person, though, so it probably shouldn’t have been a... more
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