Or an impending party
Sun Sep 24, 2017 19:48

Sometimes Darlene called her Katherine which was funny because at home nobody called Kit by her full name unless she was in Big Trouble or sometimes when Dad was being melodramatic. Mom said Dad was melodramatic a lot but Kit didn’t always think he was being melodramatic when Mom said he was. Mom and Dad were goofy like that. But anyway Kit didn’t have a problem with her full name, it was just a lot of syllables and spelling was sometimes hard when she was little and plus Marissa would call her Kit-Kat sometimes and Kit liked that. It was a good nickname. So although she didn’t usually get called Katherine it was super okay that Darlene did it sometimes. It usually only happened when Darlene was being weird though. Maybe Darlene was having a melodramatic day.

Yeah it seemed like Darlene was having a melodramatic day. She was doing the thing that Dad did sometimes when he pretended to be having a lot of feelings about something silly. Unless Darlene really was that excited to meet Darby.

“Don’t cry!” Kit said, scooping Darby up in her hands and scooting along the bed until her pink socks (complete with pattern of striped tabbies in summerwear) touched the floor. She stood up, cupping the spider gently, and held him out to Darlene. “He’s not a cricket, see? He’s just a tarantula. He’s actually a Mexican red-kneed tarantula, you can see the red on his knees right? He’s so cute!” The redhead grinned excitedly at her roommate. “Darlene and Darby even sound kind of the same you’ll be best friends!”

  • "New friend" implies an old friend was here first - Darlene Knight , Fri Sep 22 19:24
    Midterm was quiet. It was odd returning to the giant, echoing halls upon halls that housed only Darlene and her mother. Being at home made her feel quite small opposed to the towering decorations and ... more
    • Or an impending party - Kit, Sun Sep 24 19:48
      • This "party" needs an adult! [Tag: Mr. Tennant] - Darlene Knight, Mon Sep 25 16:58
        Oh my god. This was it: definitive evidence that Kit Kendrick was an actual, honest-to-god idiot. She scooped up her horrible creature, and Darlene’s worst fears were realized. Immediately, the... more
        • One adult, coming up - HoH Garen Tennant, Mon Sep 25 18:14
          Garen had made the decision to leave Talent Show signups open until mid-March, and a good amount of students had signed up this side of midterm. It was good, because he had been worried they would... more
          • One kid, coming down - Kit , Tue Sep 26 10:27
            Kit was so confused. One minute she had been holding Darby, who was excited to meet his new friend, and the next minute Darlene was yelling and running away and had hit Kit and knocked Darby out of... more
            • Sniffling, Darlene curled up in the green armchair and accepted the box of tissues handed her way. She couldn't believe that she was reduced to this. Her! Darlene Knight! Crying in a teacher’s... more
              • Perhaps I can be of assistance - HoH Tennant, Sat Sep 30 18:28
                Since Josh had come to RMI—really, since Abby and Katrina’s last few years of schooling—Garen had done his best not to give his adopted family members special treatment. Whether that meant... more
                • You should try being more pleasant - Kit, Fri Oct 6 16:30
                  Kit’s crying had abated a little bit when Darlene said that she didn’t want to be friends with Darby, but then it picked back up. How could Darlene say something that mean? All Kit wanted was for her ... more
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