Dardanius Dubois
Give a little whistle
Mon Sep 25, 2017 09:49

Danny whistled the tune for admittance to his commons, and kept whistling it as he strode through the passage into the common room. When in a less cheerful mood he would just recite the words to whichever song was required for entry, but today he was happy to whistle melodically all the way to his dormitory. Except he didn’t do that, because Holland was still in the commons, so Danny altered his course, and went instead towards the sofa by the window. The charmed pane was showing a picturesque woodland scene at around dusk, even though it was minutes from curfew and concordantly dark outside.

He knew it was dark above the school, because he had just come from Pearl Street with Rachel on their third date. They’d left RMI after dinner for the bowling alley, where they’d laughed at each other for an hour, and Danny had gallantly let her win. Afterwards they’d gone for hardshakes, which had been fun but Danny’s stomach wasn’t used to so much ice-cream, sugar and alcohol in one go so it clenched uncomfortably to punish him from time to time.

Before sitting down, Danny slid off his jacket - the same forest-green as his dragonhide boots - and draped it haphazardly over the back of the furniture. He was wearing a dark red and gray pinstriped shirt with the top button undone and the sleeves pushed up to his elbows, and dark grey straight-legged jeans. He never did much with his hair apart from keep it just long enough to annoy his mother, and he pushed his hands through it as he sank into the sofa cushions. “Hey Holland,” he greeted, his voice probably reflecting his current high spirits.

Rachel had come back already, probably. Danny had detoured to the rec center on the pretense that he’d left his towel there earlier, after swimming. He suspected they both knew it was just an excuse to avoid them having to end their date in the commons, and that was really fine by him. There hadn’t been anyone around in the corridor when he’d kissed her goodnight, and he suspected it would have been awkward in here, with the potential for Lyras to be milling around. Such as Holland, for example.

    • That’s my cue - Holland, Mon Sep 25 12:14
      Even though this was one of the first things they had done in Arithmancy, Professor Wilson wanted everyone to show their work on their personal numbers. So Holland had calculated their character,... more
      • Do you come when I whistle? - Dardanius, Mon Sep 25 15:04
        As he sat, Danny realised Holland was doing homework, and maybe they didn't want to be disturbed as if they were trying to finish it before they went to bed. But then Holland commented on his date... more
        • Phrasing! - Holland Keene, Mon Sep 25 16:01
          Danny looked cocky and pleased with himself. Which, granted, wasn’t unusual for him, but since it was immediately after the date Holland could guess why. Technically this was the first time Danny had ... more
          • *blinks innocently* - Danny, Tue Sep 26 06:05
            He could appreciate the desire to get ahead in homework, but still he didn’t tend to work this late himself, and usually favored his dormitory or the library if he was working on his own. Danny only... more
            • You? Innocent? - Holland, Tue Sep 26 12:18
              Caught out, Holland couldn’t help smiling and blushing a bit. “Maybe,” they offered with a shrug. It was more that they’d wanted to talk to Danny without Emmett, and since Emmett was usually in bed... more
              • Until proven guilty - Danny, Tue Sep 26 14:12
                Danny laughed good naturedly at Holland. He didn't mind; in fact it was comforting to know that his friend still took an interest in his life, even after all his idiotic decisions. He thought they... more
                • Would you like a judge or a jury? - Holland, Wed Sep 27 07:12
                  Holland was about to protest that something must have changed—if nothing had needed to change for him to be comfortable dating, then he would have done it before now—when Danny amended his statement. ... more
                  • Am I on trial? - Danny, Wed Sep 27 12:17
                    Almost as if they had been reading his thoughts (Danny didn't think Holland had mastered legilimency, but then it probably wouldn't be a skill a person would shout about. Of the two of them,... more
                    • Should you be? - Holland, Thu Sep 28 08:14
                      “Agreed on all counts.” That they would have lost money betting against Rose and Emmett, that it was good for the couple if they really liked each other, and that Holland wouldn’t have imagined the... more
                      • I don't believe so - Danny, Thu Sep 28 12:10
                        Dardanius sniggered when Holland mentioned their own dating habits. In their defense, that blind date party had a lot to answer for. He really didn't want to think about Ruben in any capacity -... more
                        • The defense rests - Holland, Thu Sep 28 16:58
                          To Holland’s surprise, Danny picked up the thread of suspicion when Holland had been willing to drop it. That was a reversal. And his first move was to suggest Rose had instigated the relationship.... more
                          • So can I whistle again now? - Danny, Fri Sep 29 10:51
                            Holland seemed to mull over Danny’s input, which just made him feel bad for saying anything in the first place. Rose and Emmett weren't hurting anyone, probably - least of all each other, for the... more
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