Hunter Ioma
Fear Not the Hunter
Tue Jan 10, 2017 23:33

Hunter woke with a start and practically fell out of bed. The room was dark and his eyes weren’t adjusted and he hadn’t figured out what had woken him and he wasn’t careful to keep his mumbling down. One of his roommates (Roger? Robert? He hadn’t really caught their names) mumbled incoherently, rolled over, and tossed a pillow at Hunter.

The motion and the soft impact helped clear the sleep from Hunter’s brain, and he looked around as his eyes adjusted. He saw no further movement from either of his roommate’s beds, but something skittered at the edge of his vision. He quickly turned his head and heard the same soft skittering move down the stairs. With no further thought, wearing only pajama pants and a t-shirt, unshod and sans wand, red hair garishly askew from bed, Hunter followed.

Moving down the stairs as quickly as he could he still wasn’t able to catch sight of whatever was skittering. He clattered down into the common room, looking around quickly. He hadn’t taken in much at all when someone (or something!) grabbed his arm. He reflexively let out a small yelp which was quickly muffled by a hand.

"If you do not wish to be killed, or worse, caught, don't speak a word. Just stay quiet, and stay down."

Seeing no reason not to, Hunter followed the whispered instructions and ducked behind a nearby couch, curling up his already small frame as much as he could. To his unknown compatriot he silently mouthed, “Skitter ghost” and made skittery motions with his hands. He looked about cautiously and caught sight of a flitting shadow moving towards the exit. With two soft clicks it was gone, and the room was still.

Hunter looked back to who he could now tell was a rather tall girl he recognized as another first-year and raised his eyebrows in silent inquiry, softly tilting his head towards where the shadow had vanished and creeping after.

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    • Fear Not the Hunter - Hunter Ioma, Tue Jan 10 23:33
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