HoH Garen Tennant
One adult, coming up
Mon Sep 25, 2017 18:14

Garen had made the decision to leave Talent Show signups open until mid-March, and a good amount of students had signed up this side of midterm. It was good, because he had been worried they would have a handful of acts and a nearly-empty gallery this year, but now students seemed to be coming out of the woodworks to be involved. He was proud to note that Drew had recently signed up to perform. Kit had also been signed up by her fellow Beater, Marley, but Garen was disinclined to allow that particular act. He loved to encourage unconventional talents, but loose Bludgers in the theater sounded like a very bad idea.

The director was working on the order for the show (there were only eleven so far, but some people were involved in multiple acts) when there was a sudden, rapid pounding on the door that connected Garen’s office to the Lyra Common Room. Garen answered it and was surprised to find a hysterical Darlene Knight on the other side. He didn’t have time to say anything before she wailed, “Kit put a spider in my bed!

Garen suppressed a sigh. Of course it was Kit. Midterm had only been over for a week and Kit had already caused a problem with her roommate. He had thought, when Darlene participated in Kit and Drew’s group Halloween costume, that it meant the girls were getting along, despite seemingly incompatible personalities. He was surprised by what Darlene was saying now, though; he thought he knew his granddaughter pretty well, and she wasn’t especially given toward pranks. Still, he believed it was something Kit would do. Just perhaps not in a malicious way.

“Come in, Miss Knight.” He held the door open for the first-year and gestured for her to have a seat in either the emerald armchair or the cream-colored couch. The poor girl was sobbing, so Garen summoned the box of tissues from his desk and offered it to her. The box had a semi-permanent refilling charm on it; Garen hadn’t been sure the spell would work on non-liquids, but he hadn’t run out of tissues in five months, so it seemed to be working. As Darlene gathered her composure, Garen wrote a brief note.

Miss Kendrick,
Please report to my office immediately.
HoH Tennant

Garen waved his wand at the note, which folded itself into a paper airplane and zoomed out the door. “It’s all right,” he told Darlene reassuringly. “If you’re ready, why don’t you tell me what happened?”

When Kit arrived, Garen opened the door with a flick of his wand. “Miss Kendrick,” Garen said, trying to keep his voice neutral. He was hoping this was a misunderstanding and they could resolve the problem without him having to ask a less-biased staff member to arbitrate. “Your roommate was just telling me that you put a spider in her bed. Would you care to share your side of the story?”

  • This "party" needs an adult! [Tag: Mr. Tennant] - Darlene Knight, Mon Sep 25 16:58
    Oh my god. This was it: definitive evidence that Kit Kendrick was an actual, honest-to-god idiot. She scooped up her horrible creature, and Darlene’s worst fears were realized. Immediately, the... more
    • One adult, coming up - HoH Garen Tennant, Mon Sep 25 18:14
      • One kid, coming down - Kit , Tue Sep 26 10:27
        Kit was so confused. One minute she had been holding Darby, who was excited to meet his new friend, and the next minute Darlene was yelling and running away and had hit Kit and knocked Darby out of... more
        • Sniffling, Darlene curled up in the green armchair and accepted the box of tissues handed her way. She couldn't believe that she was reduced to this. Her! Darlene Knight! Crying in a teacher’s... more
          • Perhaps I can be of assistance - HoH Tennant, Sat Sep 30 18:28
            Since Josh had come to RMI—really, since Abby and Katrina’s last few years of schooling—Garen had done his best not to give his adopted family members special treatment. Whether that meant... more
            • You should try being more pleasant - Kit, Fri Oct 6 16:30
              Kit’s crying had abated a little bit when Darlene said that she didn’t want to be friends with Darby, but then it picked back up. How could Darlene say something that mean? All Kit wanted was for her ... more
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