One kid, coming down
Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:27

Kit was so confused.

One minute she had been holding Darby, who was excited to meet his new friend, and the next minute Darlene was yelling and running away and had hit Kit and knocked Darby out of her hand and then Darby had scuttled under the bed and now Kit was in tears too because what if Darby had gotten hurt?

But it was okay because Darby was okay, he was just scared. Kit carefully scooped him up from underneath the beds and gently put him in the plastic carrier. She sniffled and wiped her eyes. It was okay now that Darby was safe, but Kit still didn’t understand why Darlene had been so mean. Kit had thought they were friends! Not best friends forever like Rose and Marissa, but friends. Darlene had done Halloween with her and Drew, even, and Halloween was Serious Business. Why would Darlene attack Darby like that? Upset, Kit sat down on the bed and held Darby’s container to her chest. She sniffled again.

“It’s okay Darby,” she said. “Darlene didn’t mean it.” The tarantula sat there, unmoving. Kit hugged the container. “I promise we’ll all be friends,” she said. Gently, Kit put Darby on the bedside table and wiped her nose with the back of her hand. She was about to curl up on her bed to watch her tarantula to make sure that he was still okay when a paper airplane zoomed in and dropped right in front of her on to her blanket. Kit frowned and opened it up. It was from Grandpa Garen but it did not look like a happy letter. Grandpa Garen almost never called her ‘Miss Kendrick’. Sniffling again, Kit slowly shuffled out of their room and down the stairs. She hadn’t bothered to put on shoes. She arrived at Grandpa Garen’s door. Kit sniffled again and knocked. Grandpa Garen let her in.

”Miss Kendrick” was the first thing that Grandpa Garen said and Kit teared up again. And then he said that Darlene had said she’d put a spider in her bed. Grandpa Garen was mad at her and Darlene was lying and Kit burst into tears again.

“I did not,” she said, in between sobs. “Darby hid under her pillow and then she hit him and he was scared. Darby isn’t a spider. He’s a tarantula. And he’s my friend.”

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    • One kid, coming down - Kit , Tue Sep 26 10:27
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