You? Innocent?
Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:18

Caught out, Holland couldn’t help smiling and blushing a bit. “Maybe,” they offered with a shrug. It was more that they’d wanted to talk to Danny without Emmett, and since Emmett was usually in bed by now it was good timing.

In the past this conversation might have been something Holland and Emmett would do together (Holland and Danny usually did Emmett Interventions together), but a) this was based on a conversation Holland and Danny had had alone, and b) Emmett was most likely less interested in his friends’ love lives than Holland was. Holland had briefly considered whether they were just being a busybody because they weren’t dating anyone, but they decided that was only partially true. The other part was, obviously, that they were right and Danny was being weird and someone needed to point it out to him.

“I’m glad you had a good time,” they said truthfully. They weren’t yet sure whether it was more weird or less weird when their friends dated people outside the five of them. Holland was the only one of them who hadn’t kissed someone in the group, and Holland and Danny were the only ones who hadn’t dated other group members (whatever Marissa and Danny had been doing did not count as dating). Rose and Emmett dating made for awkward third-fourth-and-fifth-wheeling situations when all five of them were together. On the other hand, Holland dating Ruben had gone over like a lead broomstick with the rest of their friends. It seemed like no matter who, any of the group members dating shifted the balance too much.

Holland passed a hand through their lavender hair. They needed to say something that had been bothering them since they’d heard Danny and Rachel were going out, but without sounding confrontational. “Last semester,” Holland said evenly, “you said you couldn’t date because of family obligations, and that dating a girl you can’t marry is pointless. Rachel’s lovely, but she’s not a pureblood. Well, actually both of her fathers are wizards, but I think I’m right in saying the plural in that sentence negates any possible benefit from two magical parents. So… what changed?”

Something must have changed, or else Danny wouldn’t be dating Rachel. And three dates definitely counted as dating. This was the thing that had been bothering them: Danny had broken things off with Marissa because he didn’t want to date a girl when he couldn’t marry her. That was valid (stupid, in Holland’s opinion, but valid). But now that Danny apparently could date a girl regardless of blood status, he was dating Rachel, not Marissa. Not that Marissa would necessarily have him now, but he hadn’t even asked her out. That seemed odd.

  • *blinks innocently* - Danny, Tue Sep 26 06:05
    He could appreciate the desire to get ahead in homework, but still he didn’t tend to work this late himself, and usually favored his dormitory or the library if he was working on his own. Danny only... more
    • You? Innocent? - Holland, Tue Sep 26 12:18
      • Until proven guilty - Danny, Tue Sep 26 14:12
        Danny laughed good naturedly at Holland. He didn't mind; in fact it was comforting to know that his friend still took an interest in his life, even after all his idiotic decisions. He thought they... more
        • Would you like a judge or a jury? - Holland, Wed Sep 27 07:12
          Holland was about to protest that something must have changed—if nothing had needed to change for him to be comfortable dating, then he would have done it before now—when Danny amended his statement. ... more
          • Am I on trial? - Danny, Wed Sep 27 12:17
            Almost as if they had been reading his thoughts (Danny didn't think Holland had mastered legilimency, but then it probably wouldn't be a skill a person would shout about. Of the two of them,... more
            • Should you be? - Holland, Thu Sep 28 08:14
              “Agreed on all counts.” That they would have lost money betting against Rose and Emmett, that it was good for the couple if they really liked each other, and that Holland wouldn’t have imagined the... more
              • I don't believe so - Danny, Thu Sep 28 12:10
                Dardanius sniggered when Holland mentioned their own dating habits. In their defense, that blind date party had a lot to answer for. He really didn't want to think about Ruben in any capacity -... more
                • The defense rests - Holland, Thu Sep 28 16:58
                  To Holland’s surprise, Danny picked up the thread of suspicion when Holland had been willing to drop it. That was a reversal. And his first move was to suggest Rose had instigated the relationship.... more
                  • So can I whistle again now? - Danny, Fri Sep 29 10:51
                    Holland seemed to mull over Danny’s input, which just made him feel bad for saying anything in the first place. Rose and Emmett weren't hurting anyone, probably - least of all each other, for the... more
                    • If you like - Holland, Fri Sep 29 15:14
                      Danny got defensive, which meant that Holland was probably right on the mark but he didn’t want them to be. Well, all right. Holland supposed that if they were dating someone they were moderately... more
                      • *whistles* - Danny, Fri Sep 29 18:04
                        Holland accepted the shift in focus, albeit with some apparent surprise. Danny gently exhaled while he waited for his friend to respond to the question, which they did, although the answer did not... more
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