Should you be?
Thu Sep 28, 2017 08:14

“Agreed on all counts.” That they would have lost money betting against Rose and Emmett, that it was good for the couple if they really liked each other, and that Holland wouldn’t have imagined the two of them working for each other. It was weird that none of the rest of the group had seen it coming. With Marissa and Emmett, he’d had a crush on her before they got together (in a painfully obvious way), and Marissa had obviously thought he was sweet. Having good observational skills was part of being a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and it annoyed Holland that they hadn’t noticed anything between their friends beforehand.

That doesn’t mean anyone is under a Compulsion Charm or a love potion or that anything besides two teenagers dating is going on. I just missed something. Emmett had acknowledged, in a roundabout way, that Rose was basically out of his league, which was what he had done with Marissa too. But like Danny had said, good for them if they were really into each other.

“I know I don’t have a lot of room to talk when it comes to seemingly-incompatible people dating, buuuut.” Holland let the sentence trail off. Okay, so the basis of their relationship with Ruben had been “pretty hair” and “anti-government sentiments,” but that was enough for short-term fun. They supposed Rose and Emmett had some things in common; being fiercely loyal and making fun of Emmett came to mind.

“I don’t know, it just seems weird to me. I asked Emmett how they got together,” Holland confided, “and he said he had no idea and ‘it just happened.’” Holland made air quotes. “I mean, come on, could he have said something more suspicious?” Emmett wasn’t the most retentive sponge in the reef, but surely you would remember how you’d gotten together with your current girlfriend. Especially when she was Rose. Holland could remember specific details about the Blind Date party, after all. The most likely reason for the vagueness was that Emmett had lied because he didn’t want to tell Holland what had actually happened. Holland could understand wanting privacy, but if that was the case then Emmett could’ve just said so and they would have stopped asking. They weren’t sure how to feel about this; it was none of their business, but on the other hand, Emmett and Holland could usually talk about things like this. Holland had admittedly held back a little about Ruben last year, but only because Emmett seriously disliked him.

They acknowledged the possibility that Emmett had lied to them to Danny, and continued, “Anyway, whatever. I know I’m just overanalyzing. As long as they’re both happy then everything’s good, right? Rose could do worse than Emmett, and Emmett… probably couldn’t do better than Rose, given the dating pool here.” And given the fact that he had already dated Marissa. It was impossible to rank the roommates in terms of who was more of a catch; Rose and Marissa probably tie for RMI’s Most Eligible Bachelorette. Not anymore, I guess.

  • Am I on trial? - Danny, Wed Sep 27 12:17
    Almost as if they had been reading his thoughts (Danny didn't think Holland had mastered legilimency, but then it probably wouldn't be a skill a person would shout about. Of the two of them,... more
    • Should you be? - Holland, Thu Sep 28 08:14
      • I don't believe so - Danny, Thu Sep 28 12:10
        Dardanius sniggered when Holland mentioned their own dating habits. In their defense, that blind date party had a lot to answer for. He really didn't want to think about Ruben in any capacity -... more
        • The defense rests - Holland, Thu Sep 28 16:58
          To Holland’s surprise, Danny picked up the thread of suspicion when Holland had been willing to drop it. That was a reversal. And his first move was to suggest Rose had instigated the relationship.... more
          • So can I whistle again now? - Danny, Fri Sep 29 10:51
            Holland seemed to mull over Danny’s input, which just made him feel bad for saying anything in the first place. Rose and Emmett weren't hurting anyone, probably - least of all each other, for the... more
            • If you like - Holland, Fri Sep 29 15:14
              Danny got defensive, which meant that Holland was probably right on the mark but he didn’t want them to be. Well, all right. Holland supposed that if they were dating someone they were moderately... more
              • *whistles* - Danny, Fri Sep 29 18:04
                Holland accepted the shift in focus, albeit with some apparent surprise. Danny gently exhaled while he waited for his friend to respond to the question, which they did, although the answer did not... more
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