Fear What Then? The Hunted? That's Us!
Thu Jan 12, 2017 14:48

Stella felt the boy's lips move behind her palm and for a second she thought that he was going to start licking her to get her to let go. In any other occasion Stella would have laughed and joined in, licking her own hand as well as his, while telling him the amount of bacteria that gets transferred by saliva, but tonight she stayed silent and stone-faced. She watched, perched behind an arm chair, as the creature swiftly left the room. If... whoever this boy was hadn't come in, she would have been able to record more in her findings. Letting go of his mouth, she stood up briskly which seemingly made her tower over the boy for a few seconds.

She noticed that it was one of her fellow first years- she recognized him from orientation. He was one of the only boys that didn't seem completely disgusted by her comment of South American tapeworms, but she had assumed it's because he wasn't listening or paying attention to her. She made a mental note to try harder next time so that he'd stay away from her.

She scowled. "Listen, this is no time for introductions. If we sit here idly, I won't be able to catch up to..whatever that thing was. I work alone so, stay here- or follow me- I don't care. But this is the first exciting thing that's happened to me since I became a witch, and I'll be damned if I let it slip through my fingers."

With that she walked quickly and silently to the common's door and inched her head out sneakily. In the darkness she could see a very faint outline of a silhouette making it's way through the corridor. Very slowly, she closed the door behind her and tiptoed quickly behind the creature. For once she thanked her mother's fashion sense, since her slippers muffled the sound of her steps. Before she knew it, she had followed the creature near the administrative quarters, where she saw it stop before an old portrait. She paused, stunned and confused. She began to write.

My heart beats like a drummer boy in the battle field, prolonging his untimely gruesome death with each swift bang. BANG. He turns to his right, blood splatters on his face. BANG. He turns left, and corpses lie on the floor, compiled over themselves in a stinking heap of rotten flesh. BANG. He looks forward and-BANG. I too draw out my time in this ungodly manor. Behind me lay imps that bet my soul as if it were some poker chip in a game against Lucifer. In front of me lays the unknown, which I believe will only take me deeper into this labyrinth of horror. But what other way is there to go than forward, forward towards the truth, whatever it may be. Forward towards freedom, be it in the form of an exit or a swift death.

Stella grinned. This was some pretty good stuff, much better than her material at home. She turned to a page to an older page and rolled her eyes as she read some of her previous "adventures". Many of them turned out to be mundane animals like squirrels or stray cats. Closing the journal, she walked up to the portrait of an old man, who seemed to be asleep. She curiously poked the painting to see if there were any buttons or secret switches to pull, but to her amazement her finger phased through the wall.

She tried her entire arm next, and it too phased through the wall. Slowly, she put her entire body through the portrait and discovered herself to be in an entirely different room. She smiled mischievously, seeing a familiar silhouette at the very end of the tunnel. The hunt was on.

[OOC: This post is continued in the Secret Passageways. Can't find them? Look harder!!]

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