I don't believe so
Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:10

Dardanius sniggered when Holland mentioned their own dating habits. In their defense, that blind date party had a lot to answer for. He really didn't want to think about Ruben in any capacity - especially when it involved hooking up with his friends - so Danny happily let the topic pass and was relieved that Holland soon directed the conversation back onto Emmett. It made him feel awkward, discussing their friends like this, like maybe they were being disloyal to them both. Yet he had kept quiet on the topic (aside from his usual teasing, derogative comments to and about Emmett) for months, and he hadn't been the one to start the conversation.

Suspicious wasn't a word that Danny would have used - aloud - to describe Emmett and Rose's relationship, and his frown returned when Holland used it. “It’s got to have been Rose’s idea,” he voiced a thought he’d had on at least one prior occasion. “There’s no way Emmett would have suggested it,” he said, and he was quietly confident in that assertion. Admittedly he had been quite distracted when they had gotten together, with the baby project and other assorted drama he was more or less over but still he didn't like to think about, but Emmett had never mentioned wanting ask Rose out, and neither did he have a weird crush on her like he’d had with Marissa. Secretly Danny thought Emmett was a kind of hero for managing to date both of the Aquila girls, inarguably two of the hottest girls in the school, but if anything that just made it weirder.

Regardless, he would have had no difficulty believing Rose said she'd go on a few dates with Emmett to make him feel better before she dumped him, if Emmett had ever asked her. What he didn't understand was why Rose would ask Emmett. She could probably have her pick of any of the guys at school, and while Danny could grudgingly admit that there was nothing wrong with Emmett (to himself, anyway; he'd tried doing it aloud but the words just wouldn't come), he remained adamant that there was nothing there to tempt Rose. She'd always treated him kind of like an annoying younger brother, and yes, that was another element of weird.

Holland summarised that they were over-analysing. Normally Danny would instantly agree whenever Holland said that, but now he was wondering (damn you, Holland) if there was anything they had missed. “You’re probably right,” he started, and paused, but then forged on, anyway, “but do you think they could be dating each other to avoid dating someone else?” It sounded idiotic when he said it like that, he knew, but there had to be some logic in it. He probably wouldn't admit to Holland - or anyone - that he was essentially dating Rachel to avoid dating (or not dating or whatever it was they decided was a good idea at the time) Marissa, even though he’d implied the same already. He didn't know whether Rose or Emmett had anything even vaguely similar going on, but it would, in some ways, make more sense than just deciding to date each other.

  • Should you be? - Holland, Thu Sep 28 08:14
    “Agreed on all counts.” That they would have lost money betting against Rose and Emmett, that it was good for the couple if they really liked each other, and that Holland wouldn’t have imagined the... more
    • I don't believe so - Danny, Thu Sep 28 12:10
      • The defense rests - Holland, Thu Sep 28 16:58
        To Holland’s surprise, Danny picked up the thread of suspicion when Holland had been willing to drop it. That was a reversal. And his first move was to suggest Rose had instigated the relationship.... more
        • So can I whistle again now? - Danny, Fri Sep 29 10:51
          Holland seemed to mull over Danny’s input, which just made him feel bad for saying anything in the first place. Rose and Emmett weren't hurting anyone, probably - least of all each other, for the... more
          • If you like - Holland, Fri Sep 29 15:14
            Danny got defensive, which meant that Holland was probably right on the mark but he didn’t want them to be. Well, all right. Holland supposed that if they were dating someone they were moderately... more
            • *whistles* - Danny, Fri Sep 29 18:04
              Holland accepted the shift in focus, albeit with some apparent surprise. Danny gently exhaled while he waited for his friend to respond to the question, which they did, although the answer did not... more
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