The defense rests
Thu Sep 28, 2017 16:58

To Holland’s surprise, Danny picked up the thread of suspicion when Holland had been willing to drop it. That was a reversal. And his first move was to suggest Rose had instigated the relationship. Holland considered that. Emmett had asked Marissa out, so he was certainly brave enough to ask an intimidatingly attractive girl out, as long as they were friends. If they were dating for real, then Emmett must have instigated it. Conversely, Holland could see Rose approaching him if the relationship was advantageous to her. To what end, though?

Danny’s next suggestion was interesting. (It was also interesting that this was probably the first time he had spurred them on, rather than flatly discouraging or sidestepping a suspicion of theirs. Holland tucked that knowledge away for future consideration.) “I think Rose had a thing for Ruben until,” until the thing with Marissa, really, but Holland wasn’t going to bring that up by name, so they just said, “October. But she’s not speaking to him now.”

After news about Marissa and Ruben had gotten out, Rose had pretty much stopped acknowledging the transfer. Holland wasn’t sure whether their friend was more upset with Ruben for having sex with her best friend or for telling everyone about it. With Rose, it wasn’t a good idea to ask.

“And as for Emmett…” If they’d had to guess who Emmett liked, they would have chosen Kaye, given that he had just shaved his head for her. But that could just be Emmett being Emmett; he was given to dramatic gestures. They didn’t think Emmett had a crush on anyone—he hadn’t said anything, or acted differently—but now he was dating Rose, so clearly Holland wasn’t as perceptive as they had thought. Regardless, if Emmett had confided a crush in Holland, they wouldn’t tell Danny (or anyone, for that matter). They were okay with discussing their friends’ relationship without them there only because they wouldn’t be disclosing any privileged information. Holland shrugged. “I don’t know. But it kind of seems easy to avoid dating someone, so why would that…”

They paused. Oh. A piece that hadn’t been working mentally slotted into place. “Is that what you’re doing?” they asked, conversational, not accusatory. Holland resisted the urge to glance at the girls’ staircase. Rachel had probably gone to bed, but maybe they shouldn’t discuss this in the common room.

  • I don't believe so - Danny, Thu Sep 28 12:10
    Dardanius sniggered when Holland mentioned their own dating habits. In their defense, that blind date party had a lot to answer for. He really didn't want to think about Ruben in any capacity -... more
    • The defense rests - Holland, Thu Sep 28 16:58
      • So can I whistle again now? - Danny, Fri Sep 29 10:51
        Holland seemed to mull over Danny’s input, which just made him feel bad for saying anything in the first place. Rose and Emmett weren't hurting anyone, probably - least of all each other, for the... more
        • If you like - Holland, Fri Sep 29 15:14
          Danny got defensive, which meant that Holland was probably right on the mark but he didn’t want them to be. Well, all right. Holland supposed that if they were dating someone they were moderately... more
          • *whistles* - Danny, Fri Sep 29 18:04
            Holland accepted the shift in focus, albeit with some apparent surprise. Danny gently exhaled while he waited for his friend to respond to the question, which they did, although the answer did not... more
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