HoH Tennant
Perhaps I can be of assistance
Sat Sep 30, 2017 18:28

Since Josh had come to RMI—really, since Abby and Katrina’s last few years of schooling—Garen had done his best not to give his adopted family members special treatment. Whether that meant occasionally being the bad guy to them or referring to another staff member for punishment if he felt he couldn’t be fair, Garen thought he was a good judge of how to handle situations that involved his kids and grandkids. To her credit, whatever Marissa did (he was sure she broke more rules than he knew about), she didn’t often get caught. And to his credit, Drew hadn’t done anything that would get him in trouble yet. Garen wasn’t especially surprised by that; his son was more of a pacifist than an instigator. He dreaded the day that Drew actually needed the school counselor to intervene.

Likewise, it was hard to be an authority figure when his granddaughter was crying in his office.

Garen listened to both girls’ accounts. Their stories matched, to an extent. It sounded like Darlene had assumed Kit had scared her on purpose, and Kit genuinely didn’t understand what she’d done wrong. She was like that, sometimes. It reminded him of Jessie, who didn’t always realize that picking the lock on a family member’s door instead of knocking wasn’t appropriate.

The comparison was not comforting. “Here, sit down, Kit,” he said, much less formally. He ushered her over to the couch, and conjured a box of tissues for her as well. Both of the first-years seemed to need a moment to compose themselves, so Garen let them have it. He pulled over a chair for himself and sat down facing the both of them.

“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do,” he said, with the House of House authority vested in him by the Headmaster. “Kit, do you have a… cage or a… tank for Darby? I’m sure Professor Bennett would be happy to help you set up a really cool tank if you asked. Darby needs to stay in there unless you’re playing with him. And,” he added, “when you take Darby out, stay on your side of the room with him. If Darlene wants to interact with him, that’s her choice, but if she doesn’t want to, you’re to leave her alone about it. And you shouldn’t be touching or going in Darlene’s things without her permission, ever, understand?”

More than fair, and hopefully agreeable to both Kit and her roommate. Or rather, it make both parties equally unhappy, which made it a perfect compromise. Next, to further ease Darlene’s concerns. “If you’d like, Darlene, we can have the house elves wash your sheets right now, and they’ll be ready by the time you go to bed tonight. It’ll be like it was never there.” Garen wasn’t sure the offer would work, but barring offering her some of the school sheets—which Darlene seemed unlikely to want—there was little else he could do.

“Finally, Kit, you need to apologize to Darlene. I know you were very excited to introduce her to Darby, but just because you like arachnids,” to circumvent her argument that tarantulas were not spiders, “doesn’t mean everyone does, and you shouldn’t have moved her bed without her permission either.” He turned his brown-eyed gaze on Darlene. “And Darlene, please apologize to Kit for hitting Darby. I understand that you were frightened, and I don’t blame you, but he is her pet.”

  • Sniffling, Darlene curled up in the green armchair and accepted the box of tissues handed her way. She couldn't believe that she was reduced to this. Her! Darlene Knight! Crying in a teacher’s... more
    • Perhaps I can be of assistance - HoH Tennant, Sat Sep 30 18:28
      • You should try being more pleasant - Kit, Fri Oct 6 16:30
        Kit’s crying had abated a little bit when Darlene said that she didn’t want to be friends with Darby, but then it picked back up. How could Darlene say something that mean? All Kit wanted was for her ... more
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