You should try being more pleasant
Fri Oct 6, 2017 16:30

Kitís crying had abated a little bit when Darlene said that she didnít want to be friends with Darby, but then it picked back up. How could Darlene say something that mean? All Kit wanted was for her spider and her roommate to be friends, and Darlene was ruining that by being terrible. It was unfair of her. It was racist against tarantulas for her to not want to be friends with Darby! And Kit was about to open her mouth to say so when Grandpa Garen intervened by offering her a box of tissues. But he called her Kit again, which meant that he wasnít really mad at her, so the first-year took a tissue and sniffled, sitting down in the chair and eventually calming down.

Grandpa Garen started telling her to put Darby in a tank and Kit was about to scowl and protest at the unfairness of having to keep her friend in a tank, but then he suggested that she talk to Professor Bennett about giving Darby a really cool tank and all ideas of protest flew from her mind. She sniffled a little more, but perked up and smiled a little bit. She could make Darby the best tank in the world! He could have a little tarantula house and maybe some plants to play hide and seek in, and maybe if it was big enough she could get ANOTHER friend for Darby to make up for Darlene being really mean. Plus, if Darby was a boy tarantula and the next tarantula was a girl tarantula, maybe there would be baby tarantulas! That sounded like just the cutest thing.

ďOkay,Ē Kit nodded in agreement, caught up in her dreams for Darbyís future too much to object to having to keep Darby on her side of the room. And plus, if Darlene was going to be mean to Darby she didnít deserve to spend time with him anyway.

Then Grandpa Garen told her to apologize and the first-year huffed a sigh. Fine. ďIím sorry I moved your bed Darlene and Iím sorry you donít like Darby,Ē Kit said. She considered pointing out to Darlene that it was mean of her to not like Darby, but wisely decided that conversation could happen not in front of Grandpa Garen. She suspected he would not take her side when it came to protesting how Darlene was racist toward tarantulas.

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    Since Josh had come to RMIóreally, since Abby and Katrinaís last few years of schoolingóGaren had done his best not to give his adopted family members special treatment. Whether that meant... more
    • You should try being more pleasant - Kit, Fri Oct 6 16:30
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