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The 364-day calendar
Tue Sep 5, 2017 07:24

Shalom mashpachah,

The point in the solar year when there are equal hours of daylight hours and evening hours is called the vernal equinox. This is March 21 every year in the secular Gregorian calendar. It is the first day of Spring and the first month of our sacred calendar begins in Spring every year because Spring is the month of the abayb (barley harvest). See Exodus 12:1-2.

The time it takes the sun to make a complete revolution and return to the same point as the vernal equinox each year is 365.2422 days. In other words, there are 365.2422 days from March 21 to the next March 21. This doesn't change.

However, the Most High gave us a calendar that is 364 days. We know this because He instituted a seven-day week at the beginning of the world and there are exactly 52 weeks in a solar year of 365.2422 days (7 x 52 = 364).

The difference between 364 and the length of the solar year of 365.2422 days is roughly 1.25 days. What this means is that our sacred calendar is moving 1.25 days faster than the solar year each year, and this adds up. Eventually our calendar will roam through the solar year if no adjustment is made to keep it from running ahead of the solar year.

The Gregorian calendar has a similar problem. It is 365 days and so it also needs to be adjusted with a leap day every four years to keep it in alignment with the solar year. This is because 365 days is shorter than the length of the solar year by 0.2422 days and after four years this adds up to an entire day that has to be added (0.2422 x 4 = 1). The Gregorian calendar adds this one day to its month of February every four years and then February has 29 days instead of 28. So a leap year in the Gregorian calendar is a year of 366 days instead of 365.

In our sacred calendar, we cannot add just one day. Our year has to be divisible by 7 at all times, because our year is divided up into weeks. So we can never have a week of 8 days. Therefore, when we adjust our calendar we add an entire week or weeks to it.

With me so far?


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