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The tech giant accepts bitcoins to purchase most of its XBOX
Thu Feb 1, 2018 12:35

The bitcoin craze is taking over the world by storm Ė and for good reason. Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency of choice for millions of people across the globe, is stable, ground-breaking, and fool-proof. Earlier in November 2017, the Bitcoin value hit an all-time high of over $14,000!

No matter how you look at it, NOW is the best time to invest in Bitcoins. Whatís more Ė you can buy robust Bitcoin mining hardware in South Africa to get in on the fun. Of course, the rise of Bitcoin has caused other cryptocurrencies to join the fray, including Ethereum, Altcoins, Dash and plenty more. And thanks to the increased traction of Bitcoin, more and more businesses around the world have finally embraced the concept of cryptocurrency. In fact, some of them have begun to accept these virtual coins as a form of payment.

So, who are these trailblazers accepting Bitcoin as payment? Make no mistake the following 10-best list is nowhere near exhaustive. And it should remind you that mining bitcoins or investing in bitcoins is simply the way to go.

#1. WordPress

Itís only natural for a web design and blog provider like WordPress to embrace blockchain technology. Itís core to its business strategy. Nonetheless, WordPress was among a few handful of tech companies to adopt Bitcoin as a form of payment. So, if you are a web designer or small business owner, you need to invest in Bitcoin in South Africa to enjoy free or discounted services from WordPress.

#2. Subway

Subway has already set foot in SA. And the good news is that the American fast food chain known for purveying subs, sandwiches and fresh salads now officially accepts Bitcoins.

#3. Expedia, Inc.

If you are a low-cost flyer, the chances are that you have used services to book your flight, hotel, or holiday package. Hereís another reason to buy bitcoin mining hardware: Expedia accepts payment via Bitcoins!


If you love going to the theaters to watch movies, now is the time to invest in Bitcoin. Your movie ticket BFF,, will accept your crypto-coins.

#5. PureVPN

It has never been more critical to browse anonymously. PureVPN will make it happen for you Ė and, yes, they now accept Bitcoin.

#6. Virgin Galactic

Richard Bransonís brainchild Virgin Galactic will take you to space if you can spare a few Bitcoins!

#7. OkCupid

Find love with the help of OkCupid and (Bitcoins!)


Shop till you drop online with cryptocurrencies

#9. Microsoft

The tech giant accepts bitcoins to purchase most of its XBOX content and games

#10. Reddit

Share, tag, and enhance your online presence with Bitcoins at Reddit!

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