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Mon Jul 30, 2018 19:01

For every valuable tool you own, there certainly must be a particular degree of maintenance to ensure its effectiveness or longevity is maintained. Be it that smartphone, your car, career or even that reputation you closely guard, maintenance is part and parcel of how you protect it.

Your†hearing aids†arenít any different, and itís your responsibility to keep them tidy and functional. It isnít something you expect along with that ďhearing aids for saleĒ offer; thatís for sure. Keeping them clean is mandatory, it doesnít matter whether you do it alone or with the assistance of an audiologist.

Furthermore, the more you do it, the longer it will maintain its peak performance. Keep them clean, and earwax will never accumulate enough to cause that annoying muffled sound (whistling). Also, the receiver will serve its purpose for longer.

Need to rid it off ear wax, water or any other dirt inside the hearing aid?

Never let ear wax damage the functioning and effectiveness of your†hearing aids. It destroys a massive amount of them; about 60% of them, especially when the tiny solid particles gain their way into the most critical parts of the hearing aid.

Another worse component is water - even a little exposure to water is sure to damage it. Any form of humidity, condensation or perspiration isnít good either. You need to ensure not even a single drip is exposed to it.

With that said, follow these tips of keeping your hearing aids clean:


You need†hearing aid†dehumidifiers, wax pick and brush and disinfectants that are specifically meant for this job. You will need a kit; something like a 5-in-1 Hearing Aid Cleaner Kit that has everything required to regularly clean hearing aids at home.

In most cases, whoever posts that ďhearing aids for saleĒ ad has these kits, although itís always wise to add some more like disinfectants. But it is strictly advisable that you use no chemicals or any form of alcohol when cleaning them.


This includes never putting them on when you are taking a shower, even when you are cleaning your face. Also, donít forget to clean them daily, mainly before bedtime or early in the morning when the wax has dried off and is removable with ease. Essentially, ensure that the aids have an adequate amount of time to air out before you put them on.

Donít just focus on the hearing aids prices alone!

Deeper and more profound cleaning, especially on custom (ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC) hearing aids South Africa demands lots of caution. A complete kit often has the right tools for this purpose, although youíll need to deal with the microphone and the speaker ports carefully. If you canít clean it, however, find an expert to get it cleaned. The same is true with BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids and RIC (receiver in-the-ear)†hearing aids.

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