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The cannabis sativa and the cannabis indica
Wed Oct 18, 2017 22:13

When dealing with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect & doing away with the sedative consequence, THC or the other term for this namely cannabis hemp oil. In order to obtain information on where to buy CBD oil for cancer, the most significant healing constituents would be found in strain of the cannabis plant used. It is also true that cannabis oil also is known to work alongside and especially for seizures, insomnia, neuropathic pain disorders, many bodily ulcers and much more.

The Rick Simpson Story

Rick Simpson himself is a retired engineer who used to work in the Canadian health department for over 24 years. He suffered a severe head injury around 1998 and used a variety of medicines prescribed by his doctors. The result of this was their side effects of the vast number of medications did nothing but cause more harm than good to him. In a case of pure desperation, he turned to the use of cannabis extracts, which he the man himself produced. He quickly found out that he had discovered the greatest natural medicine on earth. These extracts are nowadays called “RSO” or “Rick Simpson oil“.

Rick Simpson in this time created what we now call Sativa oil. He also and kindly provided all the information that people need to heal themselves and touches on where to buy CBD oil for cancer and even how to make cannabis oil yourself. He has already written two books on the subject of CBD and namely Nature’s Answer for Cancer. Over the past decade, he has been fighting to abolish all laws on the regulation of cannabis use, with the aim of making THC oil freely accessible to the public. He has given many lectures on the subject and has received numerous awards in recognition of his efforts and struggles, as well as for the impact of his work on the changed legislation regarding where to buy cannabis oil in many countries around the world.

Cannabidiol Oil
Both the Sativa and Indic substances are considered to be cannabinoids but while THC is found to be psychoactive, CBD is the opposite. Up until just lately, the whole plant was considered to be illegal due to the psychoactive effects of just one integral part and this is soon going to change in light of the fact that THC hemp oil online can since be obtained from the buds and leaves which, although a member of the cannabis family, contains minimal amounts of tetra hydrochloride. With the issue of looking where to buy CBD oil for cancer, the medical properties of cannabidiol oil can today be exploited without having to fear of being jailed and one can be given details of where can I purchase hemp oil for medicinal purposes by anyone who needs to be treated for their medical conditions.


Cannabis & hemp are both derived from the flowering buds of the specific stain of plant and are found to be the exact same species however, cannabis and hash oil may not be the same strain of bush per se. In the wild, there are many hundreds of various classes and variations of the same species all falling within the two strains known as the cannabis sativa and the cannabis indica.

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