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The one year class is extremely spacious – PreSchool Centuri
Fri Aug 18, 2017 14:31

1 Year Division


The one year class is extremely spacious.  This class is equipped with a fridge to ensure your little one’s milk / snacks are kept fresh. They have a big area to crawl around with all kinds of stimulating toys to entertain them. The 1 year class has their own play area which is covered with shade cloth to ensure safety from the elements.  This area is covered with synthetic grass in order to combat allergies and ensure hygiene.  The play ground is equipped with gross motor apparatus and many outside toys to amuse their young minds.

Teacher: Ronnie Cilliers

Assistants: Tari & Thelma

Ronnie has over 20 years experience with children and she is a great teacher! Ronnie and her assistant makes sure that these little ones are stimulated the whole day. They do the following:

– Follow a strict programme/routine.

– They stimulate the children with drawing, painting, messy play (Shaving cream and jelly), play dough, blocks, music, rhymes, songs, inside and outside play etc…

– 2 Marked bottles/cups– Bum Cream– Wet wipes
– 2 Sets of clothes– Warm jacket– Hat
– Dummy– Nappies– Formula separate
– 1 Marked Blanket– Bib– Juice Bottle
– 2 Marked face cloths– A 5 book–
– 1 Box Tissues monthly– Special milk if needed

Author: Angels Academy

PreSchool Centurion

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