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We supply, deliver and install roof sheeting, side cladding
Fri Aug 25, 2017 21:59

The use of steel has become more common in the building of residential, contemporary houses and commercial buildings. (Reserve and Eugene Trading Enterprise – A Construction Company in Durban) has taken to steel due to its durability, cost effectiveness and pliability. An added bonus is that there are many different types of steel products for builders to use, such as heavy angles, flat bars, tread plates, pipes and structural beams.

Reasons Why We Prefer Using Steel

Steel is a flexible material thus enabling the builder to create unique shapes and styles in his construction.

Structural designers have more freedom to be creative compared to when they use less malleable material.


Steel is easily adaptable to match the needs of any building project.
A steel wall frame can be altered to create more space by adjusting the shape and dimension, making it easy to expand and versatile.


Steel is light weight compared to other materials, this makes it a lot easier to transport which saves costs.

Steel is an energy efficient material which means it is easy to recycle.

A steel frame structure is able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy winds.

Steel is a perfect material to be used in building construction in Durban as it is not susceptible to rust, fungi, mold or mildew.


Steel is a pliable material which will not easily splinter, warp or distort, however this is still quite easy to cut into shape to create beautiful designs.

Even though steel can be rolled or cut into shape it can still hold its strength.
What We Do at Construction Company Durban provided

Structural Steel Detailing

We provide manufacturing of different types of steel structures and erection according to our client’s specifications.

Structural Steel Painting

At Construction Company Durban we offer a wide range of painting and protection to steel structures while adhering to a high standard.

Erection of Steel Structures

Our skilled building team ensures that all steel structures are erected according to specifications and on time.

Structural Steel Cladding

We supply, deliver and install roof sheeting, side cladding, installation of finishing for all residential and commercial projects in Durban and surrounding areas. Structural steel fabrication and erection drawings including multi-disciplined conceptual layouts

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