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Comparison Wooden Awnings vs Fabric Awnings
Wed Aug 9, 2017 14:50

Awnings are generally attached over windows, doors or sidewalks for protection and security. Awnings are used to protect against rain, sunlight, wind and other natural calamities. Having a wooden awning can provide extra space to your home, making the outdoor space usable. It allows you to spend time outside without worrying about getting sun burnt. The reason why most people prefer wooden awnings to the fabric awning is that it gives the home an old world look while having long durability.

At the planning stage of your house, you can use wooden awnings to give your exterior character. If planned well, they do not even look like an extension, rather they look like they belong to the house. Wooden awnings can be painted to match your home and add architectural value to the whole space. These awnings look natural and give a warm look to any home.

Wooden awnings can be paired well with iron frames to make the whole setting stronger and more stable. One of the advantages of having wooden awnings is that you will never have to worry about drawing them in when there is heavy rainfall or snow. Your porch or deck will remain dry and clean under the wooden shades. They also provide you with the freedom to arrange furniture the way you like instead of placing them in and out every-time you draw your awning in. Wooden awnings provide cooler shade than any other type of awning.

Wooden awnings help keep room temperature moderate and they keep the rooms cooler in summer and warm in winter. When you install awnings, the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30%. Donít you think itís a good way to save energy?

After all is said and done, wooden awnings are less cumbersome than the retractable fabric awning. Wooden awnings barely require any maintenance. Wood can be treated every five years to keep them safe from rotting and every once in a while a fresh coat of paint can be applied to keep them safe from harsh weather conditions. A good waterproofing can ensure that your wooden awning will be safe from rain or sun.

There is simply no comparison when it comes to choosing the type of awning you should use, wooden awnings are better any day. Just imagine the compliments you will get from family and friends when you have them over for a Sunday braai.

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