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With name badges, you can get exposure and excellent value f
Wed Dec 13, 2017 07:23

Thought name tags are meant for only conferences, identity, trade shows, and security purposes? Well, yes Ė but the best name badges in Durban offer much more. In this post, we have taken the liberty to round up 12 reasons why name tags are crucial to your company.

#1. Itís about friendliness

Imagine walking down a series of booths in a trade show. Whom will you strike a conversation with Ė the employee with a name tag or the one that doesnít? Youíre right; name tags in Durban are welcome for friendliness.

#2. Conversation Starter

With a name badge, you can quickly get the ball rolling. Donít mumble or fumble as if you donít want to talk. Youíll be more comfortable talking to someone when you know his or her name.

#3. Builds Comfort and Confidence

Ever wondered if anyone knows who you are or what you do in the company? With a name tag, thatís a thing of the past. You can now walk chip high up Ė yes, I am Mary the accountant!!

#4. A Tool for Responsibility and Accountability

Letís be honest; would you misbehave or misrepresent the company if you are wearing a name tag? Enough said, right?

#5. Get Noticed

When you are wearing your name badge, itís hard for people not to notice you.

#6. Get rid of labelling

If you donít have a name badge on, people will always interpret you in their own way. Is this Mary or Sophia? Is she management or a Janitor? Well, with your tag strapped to your chest, people will say ďthat is Mary, I know her.Ē

#7. Security

Companies especially service firms like Hotels need to make their customers feel safe. Name tags tell the guests who works there and who doesnít.

#8. Be Professional

I donít know how to simply put it, but employees with name tags often appear professional. And professional image can improve a companyís reputation and credibility.

#9. Comradery

When employees have something in common, the workplace becomes a place where everyone can get along without much fuss. This creates a fabulous ambience and atmosphere for the customers.

#10. Customer Satisfaction

Itís easy to serve customers when they feel comfortable and safe to talk to you.

#11. Branding

With name badges, you can get exposure and excellent value for every penny spent

#12. Tool for Success

With more brand awareness, customer satisfaction, comradery, and much more, a name tag is an indispensable tool for success throughout the company.

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